About Us

Going green is a serious topic worthy of a lot of attention. Now more than ever it seems that we need to start living in a way that is conducive to keeping the planet alive and healthy and going green is the best way to do that. When you read the headlines it seems they are filled with doom and gloom and there are more different ‘crises’ than you can shake a stick at: ‘The Economic Crisis’, ‘The Environmental Crisis’ and the ‘Energy Crisis’… each of which it seems is poised to create serious difficulties for mankind in the near future.

The good news though is that there is something you can do, and by playing your part; by going green and by encouraging others to do the same, you can ride the wave of a new trend that could turn back a lot of the damage that we’ve already done to the planet. Green solutions are cheaper, they don’t use up any energy and they don’t contribute to global warming – that’s all three of the crises solved just by getting your fingers a little dirty in the garden.

As such this website exists to help you in your efforts to go green and to start living in a way that helps the planet rather than destroys it, that can save you money, and that can bring you great satisfaction at the same time. The many helpful hints and tips scattered around this site, as well as the useful information and ground breaking new reports, will hopefully help you to be successful in your quest and show you that going green that can be fun. Enjoy the site then, and enjoy going green!