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When it comes to ‘buzz words’ there are few more popular than ‘going green’ which refers to using various methods to try and counteract the effects of global warming. One way and another we are all encouraged to go green in order to save our energy bills and our planet. But what does it mean to go green and what is the definition of this popular phrase? For a site that is entirely focused on the concept of going green, it is rather important to understand the concept and what it means.

What Does it Mean to Go Green?


Essentially going green means being smart and being responsible. It means being efficient, it means learning about the environment and it means being forward thinking and future proofing yourself against future problems. It’s about being a visionary, about being on the pulse and about being ahead of the curve.


Of course if you go green this means that you’re conscientious enough to take responsibility for your part in global warming, and by going green you can prevent the destruction of the planet and of millions of species of animals. Did you know that in forty years it’s predicted that Afghanistan will be too hot to live in? Or that the coral reefs are also being killed off by the rising acidity of the oceans – destroying the homes of literally millions of marine creatures and creating dangerous conditions in the oceans that threaten to destroy whole towns and villages. It’s crucial for self preservation that we go green – as a species continuing to live as we do is simply not an option and would be the quickest route to our own extinction. At the same time though it is also a moral imperative that we protect this planet that we’ve inherited and multitude of life forms that share it with us.


This is what most of us think of as going green – that it means staying away from certain technologies in order to preserve the planet. But what people don’t realize is that it’s technology and that it’s science that allows us to do this – and that this has many other rewards too.

For instance using a geothermal heat pump in your swimming pool is a great way to go green – and that means that you are able to heat your pool without having to pay for your energy. At the same time using solar panels around your home means you can watch TV at your leisure without worrying about an increasing energy bill, damaging the environment, or being reliant on anyone else. It means that you are using abundant and limitless sources of energy, and applying complex science in order to liberate yourself from being dependent on power plants. If there were to be a power cut you would be unaffected, and no one would be able to increase the cost of your energy. Likewise, when the inevitable day does come that we run out of fossil fuels, you would be ready for it and still able to use your energy. In comparison burning coal for energy is positively archaic – and it’s shocking that we still rely so heavily on this when so much more is available.

There’s a misconception that going green means going ‘back to basics’ but quite the opposite is true – it means being an early adopter of new technologies and future proofing yourself against inevitable change. Using science and technology to get ahead of everyone else and to save the planet.


What Does Going Green Mean Literally?


That’s all very good and well but a little abstract – it won’t help you to go green yourself. Put simply then, going green is being eco conscious – reducing your carbon footprint but also working alongside the environment in other ways by recycling and protecting wildlife and fauna. It also means spreading the word, and voting in those parties who represent green concerns.

While there are countless different ways to go green, different methods will suit different people and not all of them will be appropriate to everyone. Here are just a few things that are considered ‘going green’:


  • Switching to LED bulbs
  • Having an organic garden
  • Donating to related charities
  • Growing your own food
  • Recycling
  • Using electric/hybrid cars
  • Switching to alternative energy sources around the home
  • Voting green
  • Buying green
  • Switching things off at the wall
  • Reducing waste


And much, much more… all of which you can read about on this site. Look around at some of the articles for inspiration and get started living in a more responsible and forward thinking way. That’s how you go green.


  1. I think we all knew what go green means. What we don’t know are the ways of how to go green. You presented many possibilities regarding going green. In my opinion recycling is the easiest one. Everybody can do that, no?

    1. Everyone can do that. It is just a matter of them doing it. From my perspective I have seen way to many people that are just lazy. If they were not so lazy, then maybe they would recycle.

  2. I too think recycling is the easiest way to go green. I’ve seen, on TV, so many interesting ideas on how you can recycle different things. For example dresses made of corks and newspapers. This was an example so you can see that you can do anything with a little imagination. To go green can be fun too.

  3. I didn’t know many things from this article of what go green means. For instance, the fact that in 40 years Afghanistan will be too hot to live in. Not that I would like to live there, but this is a major problem. Global warming is probably the biggest problem we are confronting now. So, we all should think to go green and increase those 40 years.

  4. Go green means to use in a responsible way the resources we have left. I don’t think go green means to avoid doing things that we enjoy. Is much better to do those things but with a limit. Being smart and think what is good and what not, that go green means. Be smart and responsible, nice!

  5. Going green means to protect the environment. Going green means use wisely the resources. Going green means be responsible and thrifty. Going green doesn’t mean to not do things which you enjoy. Going green means finding different ways to do those things you like, but with hurting less the environment.

  6. I have gone green in the past several years. I have switched my lightbulbs, and have also recycled anything that I can. I try to reduce my waste as much as possible. Plus I walk to a lot of the places I need to go.

  7. Go green means many things. The comment above me tells a few of them. I really agree with what jeckie said. Go green doesn’t mean to stop doing things you like. That would be a stupidity.

  8. I think that go green means everything you can do to not harm that much the environment. We cannot say to not harm the environment at all, because it is impossible. Everything we do, is bad for the planet. So go green means to at least try to be more gentle with our planet. Cause in fact, it is our home.

  9. A best go green definition I don’t think it exists. Go green could mean a lot of things. People above me said some definitions of how they think go green means. I personally agree with some of them. With others I do not agree, but every person has the right to say its opinions.

  10. Go green means many things.
    Go green could bring you satisfaction in many domains. Financial is the first one. You will save money if you decide to go green. Also you will have a big satisfaction thinking that you contribute on saving the planet.

  11. Going green for me has been wonderful. I feel better about myself. I know that I am doing my part to make this world a better place. And that means it will be better for my children when they grow up.

  12. I will not lie. I do not do many green things. After reading this page though maybe I will start doing some small things. And work up to being greener. Time will tell.

  13. Haha, I looked for “go green definition” on Google. And this is what I came across. This is an interesting read. The second paragraph is the best go green definition. It means I’m smart haha! 😀

  14. Although it is quite intuitive, some people do not know the go green definition. This post should enlighten them. Maybe it will also help them go green as well. God knows, I only have hope. 🙂

    I also like that second paragraph, as I’m a green person!

  15. I think not many people know what going green means. And this is not because they don’t have from where to learn about going green. It is because they don’t want to. Us, people, we are very selfish. We care only about ourselves and we don’t think about the environment at all.

  16. “Going green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

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