How Going Green Can Be Sexy

How Going Green Can Be Sexy

What springs to mind when you think about going green? Chances are that it’s not a particularly sexy image whatever it is. Perhaps you imagine the typical ‘tree hugger’ type, complete with beard and poor hygiene, or maybe you think of politicians and bureaucracy. If you are someone who lives life in an eco-conscious manner yourself, then you’ll o course know that going green is in fact a very savvy way to save money while at the same time becoming more in touch with nature and the environment; but this doesn’t change the overall ‘image’ of going green, which is certainly not something that helps the cause.

If we want to get more people on board, and encourage the world to go green, then we need to show that going green can be fun, it can be smart, and that yes: it can even be sexy. Here are some of the sexier sides of going green that make it a little less geeky and rather more desirable…


When people think of going green they tend to think of it as going off the grid and returning to the middle ages: candles instead of electric light, books instead of TV and board games instead of computer games. In reality though, going green often actually means the exact opposite and embracing the future. The future of technology is no doubt clean energy, and in many ways the fact that we’re still burning carbon for energy is rather archaic.

When you turn up in a Tesla Model S (the rather sexy electric sports car), or start charging your phone or laptop with a portable solar panel, you can be you’re going to feel and look rather cool.


If it’s sexy to be smart, then going green is definitely sexy. As you experiment with green techniques you will learn about organic gardening, about energy sources and probably a little about electronics. Ultimately you’ll be able to hack the environment and understand the way more things work and that’s really rather cool.


One of the most effective ways to save energy is often to get more exercise. If you normally drive to work for instance, then cycling or jogging can help you to create less pollution and save money. Likewise, taking the stairs at the shopping mall will save the mall energy and also help you to burn more calories. Even just going outside for a game of football instead of staying in watching TV is a way to improve your fitness and reduce your carbon footprint.

In other words then, going green can help you to build firmer thighs and a more toned stomach which will literally make you sexier. When your friends sit down all day and drive to work, they are hardly going to have a (chubby) leg to stand on by criticising your more active lifestyle and toned physique.


When you go green you’ll be doing something good for the world. If you back this up by giving money to green charities and generally supporting the cause, then you’ll find that the opposite sex are attracted to your passion as well as your morals. That shouldn’t be your motivation of course, but it’s not a bad side effect.


Any movement that’s good for the planet can be trendy if you know how to wear it. ‘Green’ wrist bands for instance are well known to be fashionable, while finding the right trendy activist groups can be a great way to get with the in crowd. Likewise, drinking in coffee shops that sell sustainable coffee and wearing clothes that have been made in an eco-friendly manner can also make you cooler to those in the know. Any movement can be cool, you just have to know how to work it.

Being Sexy

Then there are some more literal ways that you make energy efficiency sexier – and several energy saving tips are fundamentally rather hot. For instance a great way to save energy and water is to share showers with your partner. See if anyone calls you lame when you explain how you like to shower together to save money – it could even bring you closer together as a couple.

If you live somewhere hot, then you can also save energy simply by turning off the air conditioning. SO then how will you stay cool? Of course the answer is simple: and that’s to wear less clothing.

In other words then, going green can be incredibly sexy – you just need to own it and you need to approach it with the right attitude. You could be wearing trendy alternative clothes, attending festivals, sporting a tan, using clean and sleek technology, flaunting six pack abs and showering with your partner every night. Suddenly, going green looks a lot more desirable.

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