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How Having an Organic Garden Helps the Planet

There are many ways we are told we can help the planet and these normally involve things like using energy saving light bulbs, recycling and avoiding leaving things over night. All of this helps to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ in that it limits the amount of energy expenditure you use and the amount of greenhouse gasses you indirectly produce. However none of these things are particularly proactive in that they all involve not doing things rather than focusing on doing something active to help the environment. If you have an organic garden on the other hand though, then you are not only reducing the damage you’re doing to the environment but you’re also doing something extra to give back to the planet. Here we’ll look at some of the different ways that having an organic garden can help to slow down global warming and more.

It’s good for the local wildlife:

If you’ve ever heard of the ‘circle of life’ then you’ll know that even the smallest creature can play a big role in the wider ecosystem if it provides food for other creatures or keeps various other plants and species in check by preying on them. If you think that bees are relatively unimportant animals then think about how important they are for spreading pollen and thus promoting plant life, whereas things like ladybirds are completely necessary for keeping aphids at bay and so helping plants to grow – every creature has its place.

If you have a garden then, you are providing food and shelter for any number of creatures and you might find you have hedgehogs coming to visit and squirrels, birds making nests and all manner of bugs living off of your plants. This is why it’s so important that your garden be organic as you will otherwise find that you kill off too many creatures in large numbers using synthetic pesticides. Instead you should be killing pests by encouraging their natural predators into your garden – it’s fine to have aphids so long as you have ladybirds too, and slugs are safe if you can bring hedgehogs in. By doing this you create a microcosmic ecosystem in your own back garden and you can marvel at how the ‘circle of life’ maintains your garden for you on a small scale. Meanwhile you will be helping all manner of species to survive and grow.

It’s good for the atmosphere:

It is said that if each person planted one new tree per year, that would be enough to completely negate their own carbon footprint. While this is likely fairly hyperbolic, planting trees and plants can certainly help to reduce greenhouse gasses and slow down global warming. The reason that trees help to reduce greenhouse gasses, is that one of the biggest contributors to global warming is carbon dioxide (hence the term ‘carbon footprint’) which is produced as a by-product of many human endeavors and unfortunately has the nasty tendency to retain heat from the sun; and trees – as we all know – convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

Now if you consider how many plants and trees you plant in your typical garden, that is now making a large difference to the climate overall for just a single household. And even though this might seem insignificant on a global scale, all new movements start at home – so if we all were to heed this advice then it would add up to a huge difference in the climate and help to undo some of the damage we’ve already caused.

It allows you to make your own supplies:

Another problem for our planet is that it’s supporting too many people and in many cases just doesn’t have the resources. Whenever we eat food that we’ve bought in shops we are causing more food to need to be harvested and transported. Not that long ago we very nearly faced the extinction of the humble banana, and the fact that most of these fruits and vegetables are coming such a long way means that more fuel is being used up to get them here.


  1. I would have never thought about some of the points brought up in this article. Who knew that you can have aphids as long as their are also ladybirds.
    I like the fact of having an organic garden. Makes me feel like I am getting healthier and doing something for the environment.

  2. I too have a garden that I make organic. I use no pesticides at all so I am helping promote a better environment. I think that it really makes a yard look great as well. And the wildlife around here is beautiful so that is a great benefit as well.

  3. I have a garden but do not have an organic one. Maybe this year I will do an organic one though. It seems healthier. I will have to find more information on this and see about planting one this spring.

  4. I think that having organic anything is better. So an organic garden is no different. I have had an organic garden for the past five years and I am pleased to have made the Earth a better place. The veggies are just so much healthier for you. And they have a great taste as well. Plus helping the Earth and all of its life is a great feeling as well.

  5. I have an organic garden that I plant with my mother each year. It is the best tasting produce ever. I like the idea of having one because it is just better for me and the environment. I look forward to having the produce all summer long.

  6. I have an organic garden and have been having one for about 8 years now. I have a 5 and a 6 year old that helps me out. I am teaching them all about it in the hopes that when they get old enough to move out they have an organic garden themselves. I teach them so they can teach others as well.

  7. I do plant one tree a year. I feel that that is very important to do. I have planted some on my grounds and have also donated some to the local city park. It is a great way to make an improvement.

    1. What a great idea to do. I may have to copy you. I like the idea of planting a tree every year. Do you plant it in your area or at your home or does it matter to you? I think I would want it planted close to my home so I could enjoy its beauty.

  8. I first planted a garden ten years ago. It was not organic but since then has become. I just think that produce tastes better from an organic garden. I urge everyone to do this for themselves and the environment.

  9. I like the idea of planting new trees every year. My family has started doing something new. Whenever we send a memorial to a family at the time of a death, we have a tree planted in the persons honor. It is a great way to remember them and also to save the earth. We have been doing this for a while and have had over 15 trees planted.

  10. Jillian I really like your idea. I have never done this but it makes sense. Flowers will die but a tree will live forever. And I am sure that they are about the same in price. Thanks for the great tip.

  11. My mum has a garden that she plants every year. I know it is not an organic garden but it still helps the earth out. Maybe this year I will suggest an organic one to her. Are they any more work does anyone know?

    1. Aussie1, my mom has an organic garden. She is really passionate about gardening. Her vegetables are organic cause she’s using only green products. That organic garden of her is not big but she cares about it very much.
      Gardening really helps to relax cause I see that on my mom.

  12. I have never had a garden. I would think it is too much work. I would rather just go to the store and get some veggies. You can buy organic at the stores so maybe I will have to try that.

  13. I will take this into consideration. Having an organic garden helps all of us. At the moment I live in an apartment. But I’m planning to get a house, so I will surely have an organic garden. I want to help the planet!

  14. I hadn’t thought of having an organic garden. I hadn’t even thought that having an organic garden can have so many good parts.
    For the moment I don’t have a place where I could start my own organic garden because I live in an apartment. But in the future I hope to buy a house with a big garden. And then I will start my own organic garden from where I could eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown by me.

  15. I hadn’t known that having an organic garden has so many advantages. I would like to grown my own vegetables. This way I will have my own supplies. I’m sure I would be very proud. My organic garden would be very tidy I guess.

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