The Countries That Care Most About the Environment

The Countries That Care Most About the Environment

Going green is something that everyone needs to make an effort toward but that really has the biggest impact when it’s on a national scale. While you and I might both have our personal carbon footprints, countries like the US, China and Great Britain have footprints that are millions of times bigger and that really have a direct impact on the environment. While we all must do our bit then, it’s wider attitudes, lifestyles and policies that will really shape the future of our planet. When it comes to national ecoconsciousness though, not every country is made equally. Some countries are definitely more environmentally friendly than others and while populations of course have some bearing (the countries with larger populations – such as China – will of course have bigger footprints), it’s still clear that some countries make more of an ‘effort’ than others when it comes to protecting the environment and minimising emissions. Here we will look at which countries care most and which countries we should try to emulate.   The Most Eco-Friendly Countries in the World Iceland […]

Why ‘Green’ Is Not Always Better

Why 'Green' Is Not Always Better

We all know that going green is supposed to be good for the environment and good for us. In short going green means avoiding using non-renewable sources of energy or eating anything that isn’t organic and natural. This in turn results in lower expenses for our bills, fewer pesticides in our food and less pollution in our atmospheres and in our lungs which is why we tend to gravitate towards things that we know to be ‘green friendly’ when given the choice. Unfortunately though this is something that companies have gotten wise to, which is why seemingly everything now claims to be ‘green’ and eco-friendly. This can lead to people making more purchases of things they don’t necessarily need just because they claim to be ‘green’ or actually missing out on health benefits and savings in some cases. Not everything ‘green’ is automatically ‘better’ for it, so you need to be discerning when making your choices. Here we will look at some of the situations where you might be better off turning away from the eco-conscious choices. Foods Foods are […]

Why Do So Many Fruits and Veggies Have Pesticides?

Why Do So Many Fruits and Veggies Have Pesticides?

In a bid to go green and to stay healthy you may well be interested in avoiding pesticides. We all know that pesticides are bad news for our health and for the environment: something designed to kill insects is of course not likely to be particularly good for us either or for other animals once it gets into the food chain (there are many conditions that have been ‘linked’ to pesticides though you mustn’t blow this out of proportion – they aren’t going to kill anyone. Then there’s the simple fact that we need insects too. They are part of the food chain as well and part of the eco system, so if they fall in number then you know that that’s going to have to even out somewhere – fewer insects could very well mean more weeds for instance or fewer hedgehogs. That’s just how things work. So with that in mind, why do fruits and vegetables have so many pesticides in the first place? Let’s take a look at the answers… Not All Pesticides Are Bad The first […]

Solar Panels for Your Home – Is it Worth It?

Solar Panels for Your Home - Is it Worth It?

Solar panels are something that are more and more ‘in vogue’ for use around the home. Drive to your local convenience store keeping an eye out and there’s a chance you’ll see one or two properties with panels on the roof, and home improvement shows often feature them heavily. The question is though, are they genuinely a worthwhile option for people looking to save energy, or are they in fact just a ‘fad’ that isn’t actually worth the cost? Let’s assess the situation… How They Work There are actually two different types of solar panel called ‘solar voltaic’ and ‘solar thermal’ panels and these each work quite differently. Solar voltaic panels are the kind that most people are familiar with, and operate by using sunlight to ‘excite’ electrons causing them to form a current and flow. From here a transformer then converts that current into one that can be used around the home. On the other hand, solar thermal panels are panels that work by heating up water. This water runs through the panels in very small tubes and are […]

Earth is Getting Hotter – What Record Temperatures and Extreme Weather Tell Us About Global Warming

Earth is Getting Hotter - What Record Temperatures and Extreme Weather Tell Us About Global Warming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you will probably be aware of global warming and the impact it’s having on our planet. Heck, even if you have been living under a rock, you might have noticed it getting a little warmer under there. Our ozone layer is evaporating, the atmosphere’s CO2 content is increasing, sea levels are rising and the ice caps are melting. All of this is resulting in an escalating and exponentially increasing ‘heating’ of the entire planet that is putting us all in danger and which threatens to leave many of species of Earth extinct. So with all this going on, you’d expect temperatures around the world to be at an all time high right? Read on to get the scoop on what’s really going on with our weather… It’s Not That Simple First, it’s important to recognize that it’s not really quite that simple. While climate change is often referred to as ‘global warming’, this warming is not in fact… global. For instance, if you were to visit the UK you’d find that the […]