What’s Causing the Unusual Weather Patterns Over Recent Years – And Should We Be Worried?

What's Causing the Unusual Weather Patterns Over Recent Years - And Should We Be Worried?

By all accounts the weather is getting weirder and weirder – not just warmer. The question is, what’s causing this and should we be worried?                 Everyone by now has heard of global warming and if you’ve managed to miss all of the news and speculation as to the fate of our planet’s climate then you must have been living under a rock for the last decade. Even though not everyone agrees with all the claims made in relation to global warming, everyone must surely have an idea as to what it means and what the fear is. While everyone is aware of global warming though, many of us will presume that it doesn’t really affect us. We’ve all heard similar scare stories before, but how often do they turn out to have any noticeable impact on the world? People seemed pretty scared about bird flu and swine flu not so long ago and nothing really came of that, right? So why should global warming be any different? Well actually, the difference between swine flu and global warming is that […]

Introducing The SP:01 – The World’s Fastest Electric Car

Introducing The SP:01 - The World's Fastest Electric Car

The SP:01 was unveiled recently at the Shanghai Motor Show with impressive specs that make it the fastest electric car in the world. With a beautifully sleek chassis and some real horse power at last, this could finally be a car to make electric vehicles sexy and desirable and to help encourage more people to adopt greener means of travel. Let’s take a closer look at the story… Introducing: The World’s Fastest Electric Car The SP:01 is manufactured in the US and comes from a company called ‘Detroit Electric’. The car is a limited edition, two seat sports car that looks great in an electric blue. In terms of design, it arguably is closest to the Lotus Elise and in terms of speed it will be capable of 155mph and 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. But will motorheads be okay to ditch the familiar roar of a petrol engine in favour of the silent-but-deadly electric? Either way, if you want one be prepared to dig deep as the vehicle starts at £135,000. Why the Shanghai Motor Show? As well as unleashing […]

The Top Green Mistakes – How You Might Be Getting It Wrong

The Top Green Mistakes - How You Might Be Getting It Wrong

Going green is something that should always be applauded and encouraged. If you have the intention of using less energy and creating less waste, then you are demonstrating that you are smart enough and savvy enough to save money and that you have a conscience and care about the environment. Unfortunately though, good intentions alone are not enough if you want to make a real difference. Here it is not a matter of ‘the thought that counts’, but rather tangible results that are going to make the difference to our planet.  It’s a huge problem then that many people will attempt to go green in a somewhat misguided manner and end up often using more energy and creating more waste than they were before. This is both terribly ironic and a great loss for the environment, which is why it’s so important to learn the correct green techniques before you start rather than to dive in the deep end with no knowledge or experience. Let’s take a look at some of the big mistakes that you might be making right […]

What Happens When The Caps Melt Completely?

What Happens When The Caps Melt Completely?

When you read about global warming, one of the issues raised most often is that of the ice caps melting. This is a very dramatic example of the effects of global warming that really rams home just what a big impact our CO2 emissions have, but most people still think of it as an on-going process that doesn’t pose any immediate threat. After all, the ice caps are pretty huge right? How much damage can the sun possibly do? Well actually if you look at the figures, the answer is a lot. The ice caps are not just melting a bit, they are actually disappearing and at an ever increasing rate. In 1980 the ice caps made up an impressive 2% of the planet’s surface, but today they make up roughly 1%. In twenty years then the size of the ice caps has halved and as they are disappearing more quickly all the time there’s a very real chance that they could have completely disappeared in the next 20. The Met Office suggest that there may be an ice-free arctic […]

How Going Green Can Be Sexy

How Going Green Can Be Sexy

What springs to mind when you think about going green? Chances are that it’s not a particularly sexy image whatever it is. Perhaps you imagine the typical ‘tree hugger’ type, complete with beard and poor hygiene, or maybe you think of politicians and bureaucracy. If you are someone who lives life in an eco-conscious manner yourself, then you’ll o course know that going green is in fact a very savvy way to save money while at the same time becoming more in touch with nature and the environment; but this doesn’t change the overall ‘image’ of going green, which is certainly not something that helps the cause. If we want to get more people on board, and encourage the world to go green, then we need to show that going green can be fun, it can be smart, and that yes: it can even be sexy. Here are some of the sexier sides of going green that make it a little less geeky and rather more desirable… Technology When people think of going green they tend to think of it […]