What Would Happen to the Planet if We All Went Vegan?

Consequences for vegan planet

When it comes to maintaining the planet, its climate and its ecosystems, wild animals play a hugely important role. One of the main reasons that deforestation and rising acidity in the oceans are such terrible phenomena is that it leads to the death of millions of species of animals. These animals are crucial not only due to sanctity of life, but also because the many important roles they play – helping to spread seeds to help trees grow, providing us with food and helping to maintain other aspects of the environment. In short, being eco-friendly doesn’t just mean saving trees, it also means protecting animals in their natural habitat. So with that in mind, why don’t we all just go vegan and stop killing animals for food? Surely we could save a whole bunch that way, and surely it would also be good for the environment? Well actually it’s not quite that simple… Let’s take a look at what would really happen if we were to completely give up eating meat as a species. The Good Stuff If we were […]

Is Going Green Going Out of Fashion?

Is Going Green Going Out of Fashion?

Global warming isn’t going to magically disappear overnight, and it’s absolutely crucial that if we want to prevent serious catastrophe, we don’t lose momentum when it comes to developing greener technologies and spreading the word about living in an eco-conscious way. Unfortunately though some signs suggest that we may in fact be losing momentum and that environmentalism may just be something of a ‘fad’ that’s now going out of fashion. Here we will look at what suggests that may be the case, and what we can do about it. Why Going Green May be Going Out of Style It’s no secret that going green became something of a fad not long ago. People enjoyed the satisfaction they got from living life in a greener way and the status that seemed to come with it, while companies enjoyed the marketing potential of making their products green and environmentally friendly. Everywhere you looked someone was talking about going green (mostly Al Gore) and every product was flaunting the fact that it was developed in a sustainable and eco-conscious way. Stats and figures […]

There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming?

There's No Such Thing As Global Warming?

When I was little my Mum used to tell me stories about the bogey man and how he would punish children who were badly behaved. He prowled the area at night, so my best bet was to go to bed early and to be well behaved during the day to ensure that he didn’t have any bones to pick with me (literally) when darkness fell.                My Mother enjoyed a peaceful 18 years as I lived in constant abject terror before finally leaving home and moving out, and I imagine many parents have used something similar to inspire good behaviour in their children – even if they do pick slightly less scarring imagery. But what’s interesting is that sometimes I suspect the government of using these kinds of techniques too. Of playing up the dangers we face as a society so that we’ll behave better. Could global warming be just another bogeyman designed to inspire good behaviour and get us to turn out the lights? Or, if you ignore the slightly conspiratorial accusation that the government is purposefully hyping up the […]

It Takes 1,000 Years for Waters Bottle to Biodegrade – And Other Shocking Facts

It Takes 1,000 Years for Waters Bottle to Biodegrade - And Other Shocking Facts

Before you toss that water bottle onto the floor, stop and consider for a moment just what the repercussions of your actions might be. Because while you might think you’re just making more work for the cleaners in the area, it’s actually a lot worse news than that. Here we will look at just what happens when you leave a plastic bottle to biodegrade, and how long some other things might stick around for if you don’t clear them up too. How Long for a Plastic Bottle to Degrade? While the title of this article might have grabbed your attention, in reality it’s a bit more complicated than that (sorry!). While some plastic bottles will take around 1,000 years to biodegrade you see, it actually depends on the ‘type’ of plastic being used. Yes, some will take 1,000 years, but other might degrade a lot more quickly and some will never degrade (those made from Polyethylene Terephthalate). If you throw one of those on the floor then it will stay there until some poor schmuck picks it up. Those ‘reusable’ […]

The World’s Most Amazing and Crucial Endangered Species

The World's Most Amazing and Crucial Endangered Species

Going green can be seen as a lot of effort and if you’re going to put your all into it then it means nothing short of changing every aspect of your lifestyle. This can mean changing where you shop and what you buy, it can mean growing your own vegetables and it can even mean reducing your air miles if you’re very committed. But what makes all this a bitter pill to swallow for some is that the chances are that we aren’t actually going to notice any benefit from any of this. Chances are that global warming isn’t going to bring about the end of days in your lifetime anyway, so who are you recycling all that rubbish for? The traditional answer is that you’re doing it for your children and your children’s children, and that you’re leaving a better world behind for them – which of course is a noble cause. But what it’s also important to recognize is the big difference it makes to many lives on this planet right now – and particularly to the millions […]