Why We Need to Get Our Act Together Before Drinking Water Runs Out

Why We Need to Get Our Act Together Before Drinking Water Runs Out

                When we talk about global warming and the consequences it will have for our planet we tend to think about this from the angle of how it will affect us and what it will do to our living conditions and lifestyles. As the temperature of the Earth increases this will cause a range of more severe weather conditions, damage crops, reduce the wildlife population and cause us to lose land to rising sea levels. But when it comes to devastating impacts of the environment, there are few things more potentially terrifying than the thought of running out of drinking water. Of course all of us require drinking water to survive and without it we would have no way to sustain ourselves. With developing countries struggling to find clean water to drink, could we one day face the same fate? Or is thinking so just hysteria? Let’s look at the facts. We Will Never Run Out of Water First of all the good news – we will never run out of water completely. No […]

Polar Ice Caps Melting – Facts and Implications

Polar Ice Caps Melting - Facts and Implications

Global warming is currently a ‘buzz word’ that’s hard to avoid and it seems that every politician, media outlet and charity organization is talking about it. This isn’t an overreaction though, it’s a sensible response to what is very serious global threat that puts all of us in grave danger. Of course global warming refers to the warming of the atmosphere as caused by the increasing carbon content. This means that heat from the sun can still get in to our atmosphere, but struggles more and more to leave again in turn meaning that the overall temperature is gradually increasing. This has many serious implications for our planet, but one of the most dramatic and concerning problems is the melting of the polar ice caps. Simply, because the temperature of the sea is increasing, this is causing our ice caps to melt which in turn is causing problems of its own. But what exactly does this mean for us? How Bad is It? Firstly it’s important to recognize that this is a serious problem and that the change has so […]

It’s Too Late to Go Green

It's Too Late to Go Green

                Going green is something that you read a lot about these days and that’s in fact pretty hard to avoid. Every business it seems is keen on going green, while every other article you read in the paper is focussed on helping you to save energy and to go greener in a variety of other ways. The idea is sound and the cause noble. Of course it makes sense for us to try and save energy when our use of it is depleting Earth’s natural resources and destroying the atmosphere, but the question is… is it in fact too late? Is there anything we can really do to stop global warming? Why Global Warming Might Not be Reversible By now if you’ve been reading this site regularly you’ll understand the mechanisms of global warming – as we burn fuel for energy it releases carbon gasses into the environment that are thickening it and trapping the heat here. The temperature goes up as the sunlight comes in, but it’s not going down because that […]

Green nature wallpapers

Green Nature Wallpapers

Enjoy this wonderful collection of green nature wallpapers. These picture reveal the true essence and beauty of our mother earth and shows how beautiful and nature could be without a human fingerprint. In here you can find beautiful landscapes, few representatives from flora and fauna kingdom.  These great HD nature wallpapers reveal true colors or nature and there are many of them. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Global Warming Facts

Global warming is an incredible and terrible process that our planet – your planet – is going through right now. We hear about the issue so much that many of us have become desensitized to what it really means though, and this is bad news when it comes to inspiring people to take action. Here we will look at some facts surrounding global warming that should help to bring back the stark reality and really ram home just what’s happening to the world around us. The Human Element While some people suggest that global warming might be part of a natural cycle that the planet goes through, and not necessarily caused by humans, the facts seem to suggest that this is not the case. For instance there has been over a 20% increase in carbon dioxide in the environment since the year 1990 and this has increased by 6 billion metric tons per year – roughly in keeping with the increasing use of electricity and fuel. For this reason the UN is 90% sure that at least half of emissions […]