Geothermal Energy

There are countless alternative energy sources that you can use around your home and that are used in more commercial and industrial areas, but not all of them are familiar to us. We all know about solar energy for instance and this is essentially ‘going green 101’. However if you’ve never heard of geothermal energy then you are not alone, though this is an interesting avenue to look into for certain solutions. Geothermal energy is in fact a close relation of solar energy. This is because it actually is powered by the sun – only indirectly. This works on the premise that the sun gradually heats up the Earth over time, and the fact that soil is a great insulator. This then means that there is a whole lot of untapped energy just waiting in the earth itself for anyone interested in going green and letting it out. Of course the surface of the ground changes temperature all the time and is cooled by the wind, and so it would be no good trying to get energy from that (most […]