Introducing The SP:01 – The World’s Fastest Electric Car

The SP:01 was unveiled recently at the Shanghai Motor Show with impressive specs that make it the fastest electric car in the world. With a beautifully sleek chassis and some real horse power at last, this could finally be a car to make electric vehicles sexy and desirable and to help encourage more people to adopt greener means of travel. Let’s take a closer look at the story… Introducing: The World’s Fastest Electric Car The SP:01 is manufactured in the US and comes from a company called ‘Detroit Electric’. The car is a limited edition, two seat sports car that looks great in an electric blue. In terms of design, it arguably is closest to the Lotus Elise and in terms of speed it will be capable of 155mph and 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. But will motorheads be okay to ditch the familiar roar of a petrol engine in favour of the silent-but-deadly electric? Either way, if you want one be prepared to dig deep as the vehicle starts at £135,000. Why the Shanghai Motor Show? As well as unleashing […]

Future Green Cars

The idea of green transport using electric cars is one that may for a long time have seemed like a pipe dream. While the concept of driving with completely clean energy and not having to spend tons on petrol to get around might sound idyllic, the reality hasn’t really lived up to the hope. Not only have electric cars historically been very expensive, but they weren’t exactly desirable to look at or fun to drive either – and then there was the complete lack of infrastructure for fueling up… Well that’s all changing now and finally the future green cars are starting to show promise. The future is bright – bright green… New Developments Tesla Motors are at the forefront of electric cars and in the last few years have made both highly desirable electric motors (the Roadster) and affordable commercial models (the Model S). This now means that you can realistically afford one of these future green cars, but also that you can enjoy driving them and being seen driving them. And now Tesla are looking to rectify the […]

The Greener Way to Use Your Phone

So you have an all singing all dancing smartphone, perhaps an Android or an iPhone, and right now it’s probably your pride and joy. You’re probably using it every two minutes to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible, and as a result you’re probably guzzling the battery like you wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately our dependence on technology is currently a drain on the environment and one of the many obstacles we have to overcome when trying to go green. Until we start using a different form of power en-masse this is unfortunately going to be the case for many of our devices but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart with how you use them and save a lot of energy as a result. This is particularly true of using phones, so here we will look at some methods you can use to save energy with your mobile. Elsewhere on this site you will be able to find a piece on solar USB chargers and these are compatible with many phones. This is a great way to go […]

Green Fireplaces

Going green affects every aspect of your life and gives you a whole new way to think of things and a whole new ‘compass’ to help you guide decisions and actions. It can affect almost every aspect of your life and you’d be very surprised at just how all-invasive it can be. Case in point: fireplaces. Most likely you would think that choosing a fireplace has very little to do with going green – but you’d be wrong and in fact there is a very green-friendly way to think of fireplaces and they provide just one more way for you to improve your carbon footprint. First and foremost your fireplaces are going to help you go green however you use them and these are a very eco-friendly way to enjoy a warm heat. The reason for this is that they create an ‘oasis’ of heat which means that they heat up just the room they are in and even more specifically just one part of the room. This helps with going green because it means you can selectively heat just […]

Deep Cell Batteries

In order to go green it is not completely necessary to understand every facet of the technology. You don’t need to know how a solar panel works for instance in order to enjoy free energy on your roof, and you don’t need to know what a deep cell battery is or how it differs from petrol engines. However that said, if you really want to immerse yourself in the idea of going green, then understanding the technology can give you a real buzz and can help you to make more of what you have. Deep cell batteries then… how are these relevant to going green? Well basically these are the ‘car batteries’ that you find in eco-friendly vehicles like electric cars and these work in a slightly different way to your classic car batteries which helps with going green. Here we will look at how. Deep cell batteries are actually not only used in electric cars, but rather they are used in a range of leisure vehicles too such as boats and even golf carts. The reason for this is […]