Green Fireplaces

Going green affects every aspect of your life and gives you a whole new way to think of things and a whole new ‘compass’ to help you guide decisions and actions. It can affect almost every aspect of your life and you’d be very surprised at just how all-invasive it can be. Case in point: fireplaces. Most likely you would think that choosing a fireplace has very little to do with going green – but you’d be wrong and in fact there is a very green-friendly way to think of fireplaces and they provide just one more way for you to improve your carbon footprint.

First and foremost your fireplaces are going to help you go green however you use them and these are a very eco-friendly way to enjoy a warm heat. The reason for this is that they create an ‘oasis’ of heat which means that they heat up just the room they are in and even more specifically just one part of the room. This helps with going green because it means you can selectively heat just one room instead of turning up the central heating and then having to heat up the whole home. At the same time though these fireplaces will also help because they burn very natural fuel sources such as wood, coal and natural gas. This all means that you aren’t using power plants – unless you are using electric fire places.

So that then is the first way to go green with your fireplace – choosing the fireplace wisely. Wood burning fireplaces and natural gas fireplaces are preferable to coal or electricity in terms of the pollution they will cause, and at the same time you should look for fireplaces with the highest efficiency ratings possible.

You can also make your wood burning fireplaces more heat efficient through the addition of fireplace inserts. These fireplace inserts help to prevent you from losing from your fireplace by sheltering the fire, sucking in the air from around the room, heating it up and then blowing it back out. That in turn then means that less hot air is lost through the chimney itself.

Another thing to consider is the chimney flues you are going to use. Chimney flues essentially fit around the inside of your chimney so that they aren’t just brick. These in turn prevent the heat from damaging the brick and they encourage the smoke to direct itself up and out of the chimney. Choose steel flues which are more resilient than aluminum flues – you’ll be able to get a chimney sweep to install them for you.

To improve efficiency further and to really go green you also need to add insulation to your chimney flues. This insulation will cover the outside of the metal flues and thereby make them more insulating. That makes the chimney a lot less cold and means it retains more heat. Already this will make your chimney more energy efficient and help you go green, but at the same time it will prevent down drafts which occur when the bottom of the chimney is warm and the top is cold (because hot air rises this means that air pressure is lower around a fireplace causing more air to rush in and full the pocket). If the chimney is a similar temperature all the way up thanks to insulation then the air won’t rush down and it won’t make your room cold or put out your fireplace. More efficiency again.


  1. I’m astonished on how these green fireplaces work. I cannot believe there are people who thought of creating these green fireplaces. I’m really surprised hearing about them. I will surely buy one. Going green while I’m heating my room is great.

  2. It is very interesting how these green fireplaces work. I like very much their idea. To heat only the space you need is enough. You don’t have to heat the entire house. These green fireplaces are indeed one amazing way for going green and saving money and resources.

  3. How wood green fireplaces work? Are them the ones from the picture? I do not really understand how these green fireplaces work. I mean, where do you put the wood? They look quite small so I don’t see where you can put the wood so it can burn.

  4. I agree with you. Going green affects every aspect of your life. Once you decided to go green you will try, for example to use only green products like these green fireplaces.
    I’m glad to find out about these green fireplaces. I haven’t heard about them before.

  5. These green fireplaces are great. I have one at my apartment and I’m very pleased with it. I bought it 2 weeks ago when it started to cool. This green fireplace is definitely a great invention. I love to stay at night and to look at it. It gives you a warm sensation.

  6. I admire these people who came with these amazing ideas. I have never thought to create a green fireplace like these ones. They are definitely something we all should buy. At least if we are interested in saving some money if we don’t care about going green. When I get my salary I will buy a green fireplace. :D.

  7. I have never used fireplaces so far. I live in an apartment so I haven’t thought I would need one. But after reading this article I think I should buy one. I would save more money this way. With a green fireplace I would be able to heat only the room in which I stay not the whole apartment.

  8. I don’t think I would need a green fireplace around my home. My house isn’t so big. I don’t think I would save many resources or money. And even so, I couldn’t heat my house with just a fireplace because I have kids and I don’t want to make them sick. So, this winter, I will not use any green fireplaces.

  9. These green fireplaces have indeed a modern look .I would truly like to have one. They are very important in going green. Like you said, with a green fireplace like this you can heat only the room you want. I’m really thinking to buy one.

    1. I would too love to have one of these green fireplaces. I’m not very interested in going green, but I love how they look. One of these green fireplaces will create a very romantic and warm atmosphere in my bedroom. I am going to buy one too. My husband and I will enjoy it very much.

  10. I am not very impressed by these green fireplaces. I have to use one to convince myself about them. Since then, I don’t see a green fireplace as something amazing. And I don’t think I would buy one. I don’t want to throw money out the window.

  11. I’m not so impressed by these green fireplaces. I’m not sure if I would buy one…These green fireplaces look nice, have a modern look, but this doesn’t impress me. I’m not either interested in going green therefore I would not buy a green fireplace for the moment. But I kinda like the idea of having a fireplace in my room…

  12. I didn’t know about the existence of these green fireplaces. Shame on me! Thank you for informing me! I will strongly think to buy one of these green fireplaces. They seem great.

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