How Many Trees Are Really Saved Through Paperless Statements

How Many Trees Are Really Saved Through Paperless Statements

Have you gone paperless yet? If not, then you are not only giving yourself a ton of documents to sort through and store, but you’ll also be causing more damage to the environment than necessary. These days, online banking makes everything much simpler and gives us access to our accounts wherever we are in the world; and switching to entirely paperless banking is as simple as clicking on a link from there. So why not make the change right now? As in, literally, head over to your browser while you read this and check the box? Perhaps it’s because you’re dubious as to how many trees you can really save from going paperless. Maybe you think it’s actually just a way for the banks to save money? Well then let’s take a look at how many trees are actually saved by going paperless and whether you really would be making a difference by clicking that button… Well finding any data online regarding the precise number of trees that get saved when you go paperless is surprisingly difficult – which you […]

ISO 14000

When it comes to going green, it is highly important that companies consider the effect they have on the environment. Every one of us has a responsibility to the Earth that provides us with food, shelter, warmth and generally allows us to survive. However while we each shoulder that responsibility individually, this is magnified several times over when it comes to large corporations. Companies use more energy, more raw materials, and they influence the lives of many more people. For such businesses, going green needs to be one of their primary concerns. Thus there are many measures that a company can take and many standards put in place to help regulate how these companies are going green. Case in point – ISO 14000. ISO 14000 is a set of standards that a company can aim to meet in order to be more ecologically aware and to help them go green. By seeking out ISO 14000 accreditation, a company will learn to make better use of its raw materials and energy and this will help it to cut overheads and increase […]

Using Laptop Batteries Efficiently

Laptop batteries are highly useful allowing you to finish your work on the go wherever you are and preventing you from having to search for power sockets in every coffee shop you visit. At the same time they are great for saving energy – they charge in the background while you are plugged in and that then means that you can use your laptop later without being plugged in at all – almost a two for one deal on your energy and of course great for going green. Over time though they are also notorious for losing their ability to hold charge and this obviously is not good for going green as you then end up using energy to charge your battery constantly but only getting a few minutes of use out of it (it’s also annoying from a productivity perspective when you’re on the go). On top of this many people don’t realize how to get the most out of their batteries when they aren’t plugged in and so still end up using more energy than necessary. If you […]

Organic Pest Control for Your Garden

Having your own garden is a great way to help the environment. It means that you are able to grow plants and trees which will help to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, it means that you provide a habitat and food for the local wildlife, and it may even mean that you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. It is also a great testament to going green and one that you can use to make others see the appeal of going green. However if you really want to go green by having a garden then that means gardening in a certain way – by going organic. Using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers might seem like a good way to keep your garden healthy, but ultimately they can find their way into our diet and harm the local wildlife. The question is then, how do you go about preventing slugs and aphids from eating your plants when you don’t have any chemicals in your arsenal? Following are some suggestions that will show you how to do just that, and how to […]

Taking it Too Far – Can You Be Too Green?

Going green is a very beneficial thing to do for the environment. It’s a great way to feel better about yourself and to know that you are living responsibility and diminishing the role you play in global warming. It’s also a great way to learn about the way the world works and about science, and to feel proud that you are working alongside the planet in order to achieve a more symbiotic existence. And then of course there are the financial benefits of being able to save energy and reduce waste – all of it is highly attractive. But how far do you take it? Is it possible to go green to an unhealthy level? Can you be too green?   Of course if you truly wanted to go green and you wanted to reduce your carbon footprint to absolute zero you would have to go off of the grid and turn your back on many modern conveniences. Civilization would have to take a huge step backwards and we’d have to go back to living like cavemen – but eco […]