Go Green Definition

When it comes to ‘buzz words’ there are few more popular than ‘going green’ which refers to using various methods to try and counteract the effects of global warming. One way and another we are all encouraged to go green in order to save our energy bills and our planet. But what does it mean to go green and what is the definition of this popular phrase? For a site that is entirely focused on the concept of going green, it is rather important to understand the concept and what it means. What Does it Mean to Go Green?   Essentially going green means being smart and being responsible. It means being efficient, it means learning about the environment and it means being forward thinking and future proofing yourself against future problems. It’s about being a visionary, about being on the pulse and about being ahead of the curve.   Of course if you go green this means that you’re conscientious enough to take responsibility for your part in global warming, and by going green you can prevent the destruction […]

Going Green For Offices

There are some businesses that obviously lend themselves to going green. For instance  if you work with a lot of recyclable materials, then there are obvious ways you can go green. Likewise for companies that work in construction, or that work with radioactive and other hazardous materials there are some clear ways of doing business in a more green manner. However what’s less obvious is that any business can be more green – and that includes those companies that are mainly confined to offices. In fact there are hundreds of ways that an office company can be more or less eco-friendly. Following are just some suggestions as to how an office based organization can begin going green.   Use Recyclable Materials:A business may not produce any products that require the use of materials, but that does not mean that there are no materials used by a company at all. For instance you will use materials internally within the company – such as papers for memos and even disposable cups for your office canteen and if you opt to choose recyclable […]

Getting Started Going Green

Deciding to go green is a great decision and choosing to take the plunge and start living in a way that will help the environment. This is a great way to make many positive changes in your life. The only problem is that when everyone around you has already started to go green and you don’t rally know what you’re doing, it can feel like quite a daunting task where you are already kind of left behind. Getting started going green is perhaps the most difficult part – but every little change you make will start to make a beneficial impact for both you and the environment so it’s important to start as soon as you can in any way you can. Following are some little changes you can start to make one at   a time to get started on your quest to go green. Change to Energy Saving Lightbulbs: Energy saving lightbulbs do what they say on the box – preventing you from needing to use so much energy to light up your rooms. This in turn means that […]

Getting Your Friends to Go Green

Going green is a great way to make life easier and cheaper while doing something for your fellow man. By going green you are not only helping the planet and by extension everything on it, but you are also helping to save yourself money by avoiding spending unnecessarily on your energy bills, and achieving some creative solutions that can be both fun and satisfying. As such, once you’ve decided to go green, it’s natural to want to help others by getting them to go green too. At the same time the more people you convert, the larger the impact will be on the planet. Making positive changes most certainly starts at home, but if everyone does the same thing then you will see the effects multiplied exponentially. Here we’ll look at a few ways you can convince others to go green. Set a good example: One of the best ways to get someone interested in going green is to set a great example yourself. This means you don’t have to ram the idea down their throat which can have the […]

How Having an Organic Garden Helps the Planet

Organic Garden

There are many ways we are told we can help the planet and these normally involve things like using energy saving light bulbs, recycling and avoiding leaving things over night. All of this helps to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ in that it limits the amount of energy expenditure you use and the amount of greenhouse gasses you indirectly produce. However none of these things are particularly proactive in that they all involve not doing things rather than focusing on doing something active to help the environment. If you have an organic garden on the other hand though, then you are not only reducing the damage you’re doing to the environment but you’re also doing something extra to give back to the planet. Here we’ll look at some of the different ways that having an organic garden can help to slow down global warming and more. It’s good for the local wildlife: If you’ve ever heard of the ‘circle of life’ then you’ll know that even the smallest creature can play a big role in the wider ecosystem if it provides […]