Getting Started Going Green

Deciding to go green is a great decision and choosing to take the plunge and start living in a way that will help the environment. This is a great way to make many positive changes in your life.

The only problem is that when everyone around you has already started to go green and you don’t rally know what you’re doing, it can feel like quite a daunting task where you are already kind of left behind. Getting started going green is perhaps the most difficult part – but every little change you make will start to make a beneficial impact for both you and the environment so it’s important to start as soon as you can in any way you can. Following are some little changes you can start to make one at   a time to get started on your quest to go green.

Change to Energy Saving Lightbulbs: Energy saving lightbulbs do what they say on the box – preventing you from needing to use so much energy to light up your rooms. This in turn means that you will have to buy fewer which will save you money (think of them as an investment) but also pay less on your energy bill. This also means a smaller carbon footprint which is why it’s so good if you want to go green.

Start Gardening: Creating your own organic garden is a great way to help improve the environment. This will help in many ways – by creating a miniature ecosystem in your own garden you can help encourage plants to grow around your area, likewise you provide food and shelter for a range of insects and animals, and at the same time you provide more plants which can convert damaging CO2 into crucial oxygen. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables then this can also be further used to save you money and stem over farming.

Buy Recyclable: It is possible to go green with your wallet by deciding which items to buy. Choose those which are recyclable or made from recyclable materials. Also look into the other green policies that businesses maintain.

Vote: Voting is another way to demonstrate your commitment to going green. Vote for those parties that have green policies and this will make a big difference to how green your government and councils are.

Use Renewable Energy: Renewable energy sources are one of the most important ways that you can go green and will have a long lasting impact on the environment and on your bank account. Using things like wind energy or solar power you can end your dependency on fossil fuels and stand to learn a lot too. Installing geothermal heat pumps or solar panels involves a significant commitment and some up-front costs, but it is definitely a very big move and a serious way to go green.



  1. Did you know that you can buy recycled toliet paper? I have bought it before. You would think that it would be expensive but really it is not. It is actually cheaper than some of the well known brands.

    1. That sounds sort of gross in a way. But I guess you mean that it is just made out of recycled paper. So that may not be that bad. I will have to look for it when I am at the market next time.

  2. My wife buys us green products to clean with. We have been using them for a few years and they clean just as well if not better than the chemicals. Plus they do not give off that toxic smell either.

    1. Paul, if you are using green products, that means you are getting started going green. Try to buy only green products from now on. They are indeed much better and they are not toxic. Getting started going green wasn’t very hard no? Try to continue this way.

  3. These are all great ways to go green. I agree with Paul on the green products. Lately I have bought some of these and they do clean just as well. So that makes me feel good and makes me want to go green further.

  4. These are some good tips for going green. It is not that difficult. But we have to me motivated. Maybe there should be more TV shows encouraging people for getting started going green. And more blogs like this one, hehe.

    PS: I started going green a few years ago, when I changed to energy saving lightbulbs.

  5. My girlfriend several years ago got me going on it. I never used to care about the earth. It was just a place I lived. But now I see why it is so important to recycle and all. We need to to save our planet.

  6. I’ve also get started going green with energy saving light bulbs. In my opinion they are the first thing to buy when you want to start going green.
    I like very much your idea to start gardening. It is probably the most relaxing way of going green. I’m thinking seriously to make my own garden.

  7. Your tips about going green are ok. But I don’t agree with the one about voting. You said to choose wise the parties that have green policies. But how can I be sure that they will keep their promises? There are so many politicians who say something and do something else instead. I’m not sure that this tip demonstrates the commitment to going green.

  8. I think we all have been green at a moment of time, even if we know or not about it. Going green it’s easy because there are many possibilities of going green. I think we all have been riding a bike, no? At that moment of time we were green.
    See,it is not so hard going green.

    1. I agree with Octavia. We were all green sometime without knowing. I agree with her that getting started going green isn’t hard at all. Like many other people I’ve started with an energy saving lightbulb. After seeing the benefits I continued and know I’m trying to use only green products. Try and see it on yourself that getting started going green isn’t hard.

  9. I haven’t literally started going green. I mean I don’t think very much of what I should buy or do regarding this. However I would like very much going green. Maybe I will start with creating an organic garden. I’ve always dreamed of having my own garden.

  10. Using renewable energy is the most important way of going green. It has a long lasting impact on the environment. Think how much fossil fuels are saved. It is indeed a big investment but later you’ll see how much savings you do. If you really want going green start using renewable energy.

  11. Getting started going green is not so hard. There are so many possibilities. All these tips you wrote about are just a few of them. If you want going green you have from what to choose. All you have to do is to want to be green.

  12. As we can see most of the people started going green with energy saving light bulbs. I too agree that they are the easiest way to be green. Easy to buy and easy to use, just replace the regular ones with these. Getting started going green is not so difficult if you start with them. If there is anybody who haven’t started going green, just buy an energy saving light bulb and you’ll see how easy it is.

  13. Vanesse, I too think that renewable energy is one of the most important ways of going green. But I don’t think it is the easiest way. I don’t think everybody is convinced to invest so much money in this. For getting started going green it is more recommended to buy an energy saving light bulb or riding a bike instead of driving. I think this is more easy than to invest in renewable energy.

  14. I must say that I have been green for some time now. I think that if there were more products that were green more people would buy them. When I am at the store that is what I scope out. I will only buy things that are good for the environment.

  15. I have many friends interested in going green. In fact one friend of mine convinced me to get started going green. I have to thank him for that. I kinda started a new life. So, thanks Joe!

  16. You can get started going green in many ways. I’ve always tried to explain my friends this. Some of them understood, some of them not. But I will continue to try to convince them to start going green. They must understand that this way they save the environment, they save their home.

  17. There exists recyclable toilet paper? I didn’t know that. I want to go green in everything I do, but recyclable toilet paper? I must buy this for sure. I’m curious how it is, how it works. How can you recycle it? It is one of the top products which help you go green…

  18. I would like so much to have an organic garden. This way I would know for sure what I eat. I want to go green in many ways. Like many other people I started with a LED bulb. But now I truly want to make my own garden. This way I will go green with another thing.

  19. I want to go green, yes. Who don’t want to do that? Most of my going green actions are based on recycling. I always try to buy recyclable products. This way I can go green and I can help those companies who are interested in recycling too.

  20. Deciding to go green isn’t hard. For me was easy. I started to go green recycling a pet. Since then I’ve been trying to recycle everything I could. And I always try to look for recyclable products.

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