The Progressive Automotive X Prize

Due to our dependency on fossil fuels we are plundering our planet to the point where it can give no more. At the same time this same archaic and frankly low-tech way to power our devices is filling the planet with dangerous fumes that have set it on a course for self destruct as the sun’s heat is unable to escape from our atmosphere.

We are doing a lot to try and stop this and go green – and we are making good headway by turning off our televisions, using energy saving lightbulbs and generally being aware as a race of how serious the problem is. However it’s through technological and scientific progress that we can truly end our dependency on these fuels, go green, and start living without damaging our planet.

Sometimes though progress needs a little bit of encouragement and that’s where the ‘X Prize’ comes in. A contest with a $10 million dollar purse that annually challenges inventors and entrepreneurs to solve problems facing the environment. The X Prize has previously challenged entrants to solve the problem of commercially viable spaceflight, but most recently they’ve challenged energy efficient personal transport with the ‘Progressive Automotive X Prize’ in 2010. The contest involved participants (both large corporations and individual entrants) both racing and having to pass a series of requirements (they had to meet the PIAXP fuel economy requirements) and there had to be a plan in place to make the vehicles commercially available following the win.

And the winner of this even was the Very Light Car developed by the Edison2 team. With an incredibly low weight of under 100lbs (hence the name), the Very Light Car was capable of a fuel economy of 102.5 miles to the gallon meaning that it really does represent a car for those who want to go green. The design used mainstream materials and suspension built into the wheels themselves. The car was named one of the Best Inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine as a great way for transport to go green, and is currently featured at the Henry Ford Museum while being developed for mass production.

Another notable entries that showed interesting ways for cars to go green were cars from Tesla who already produce many commercially available automobiles, and the ‘Trihybrid Stealth’ which used a combination of both human power and electric power to drive the vehicle making it a way to go green and burn calories.


  1. I have never heard of this before. But it sounds really cool. I would love to have the million dollar prize to come up with something. I am just not that inventive though. I may have to put my thinking cap on.

    1. Who would not like to have that prize? I didn’t hear about the ‘X Prize’ before either. But I would surely love to win that huge prize. Unfortunately, I’m not either an inventive person. Though, I have to congratulate the participants at ‘X Prize’ and wish them to solve as many problems as possible and to find as many ways to go green and save the environment.

  2. This contest sounds great. It is a good way for many to think of some great green products for this Earth. I would too love to win that much money. I am not really creative though so I doubt I would even win.

    1. The ‘X Prize’ contest sounds great or the 10 million dollars? I guess all people are attracted to the money. But they have to be motivated by something right? I found the ‘X Prize’ contest an amazing idea. I would have surely liked to participate if I had had some ideas of products that can make us go green.

  3. Over 100 miles to the gallon? Wow that is impressive. I want a very light car of my own. That could save me so much money a year in gas alone!

  4. The automotive x prize is a reason for some companies to start creating eco vehicles. Thanks to them, we might be possible in the future to economize a lot of fuel and money. The human race should get that electrical vehicles are the future.
    By the way, is there any way to watch this Automotive X prize contest online? Or something.

  5. I bet if more people knew about this they would want to invent products. And then maybe they would care more. It is not a good reason for changing to being green. But if we can just get one more person on board that is good.

  6. This article is very interesting. I didn’t hear about the ‘Progressive Automotive X Prize’ before. But it is a great idea. There are a lot of people who have ideas. With a little support they can create magnificent green products which can help us to go green. I’m really happy with the existence of ‘X Prize’.

  7. I find the ‘X Prize’ contest a great idea. It is a great opportunity for many people. Having such a big prize as a reward makes some people to create almost the impossible. If I had been a little more creative I would have surely participated at this ‘X Prize’ contest. I would have loved to be able to create things so we can all go green with them. But I guess I’m not born for this.

  8. I’m glad to hear about the existence of the ‘X Prize’ contest. I’m sure it is a very challenging one. But there are a lot great minds on our planet. As a proof we have a lot of products which help us to go green and harm less the environment. I hope the ‘X Prize’ contest continues so that other people put their ideas in practice.

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