Choosing an Eco Friendly Car

On this website we’ve looked at how you can save energy by walking to work, at how future technologies are eventually going to supplant petrol powered cars and more. However for the vast majority of you, abandoning your car completely isn’t going to be a viable option as you will still rely on it for many of your regular activities. A more immediate way you can improve your petrol bills and your carbon footprint then is to buy an eco friendly car that will help you to go green. In other words – if you have to drive somewhere, then at least drive somewhere using as little fuel as possible. The question how do you choose a car that will help you go green? What is there to look for? Here we will look at some suggestions…   Fuel Consumption: You should be able to get someone to tell you the precise fuel consumption rate. This is the most obvious indicator of how many kilometers your car will be able to do to the gallon – but remember there are […]

The Progressive Automotive X Prize

Due to our dependency on fossil fuels we are plundering our planet to the point where it can give no more. At the same time this same archaic and frankly low-tech way to power our devices is filling the planet with dangerous fumes that have set it on a course for self destruct as the sun’s heat is unable to escape from our atmosphere. We are doing a lot to try and stop this and go green – and we are making good headway by turning off our televisions, using energy saving lightbulbs and generally being aware as a race of how serious the problem is. However it’s through technological and scientific progress that we can truly end our dependency on these fuels, go green, and start living without damaging our planet. Sometimes though progress needs a little bit of encouragement and that’s where the ‘X Prize’ comes in. A contest with a $10 million dollar purse that annually challenges inventors and entrepreneurs to solve problems facing the environment. The X Prize has previously challenged entrants to solve the problem […]

Making Your Car More Green

One of the most important aspects of going green is to think about your transport and there are many ways to achieve this. Generally it is considered that one of the best ways to achieve going green is to forego using your car wherever possible and to instead use public transport, walk, or do whatever else it takes to avoid going by car. However sometimes you have to use a car, and if you live a long way from your work or from your children’s school then often public transport is not a very realistic solution (particularly if you are worried about your children traveling on their own). Thus it is import to find methods of making your car greener too and here there are several options. The first step of course is to think long and hard about the car you are going to use and here there are a range of different options to look at – most importantly how many miles it does to the gallon, and if your car is a fuel ‘guzzler’ then you will […]

Human Powered Transportation

On an individual level, one of the ways in which we cause the most damage to the planet is through our use of transportation. Most of us these days have a car, and if we’re honest, most of us use our cars more often than we need to – which isn’t very eco friendly. Cars unfortunately spew fumes which contribute to the greenhouse gasses, and at the same time they use up our depleting fossil fuels every time you use them to pop to the shop. Fortunately there are some more eco friendly solutions for those who want to go green, whether it’s getting the bus or walking to the shops. One of the most interesting solutions though is to use human powered transport – which is any transport that doesn’t use any fuel source other than the kinetic energy you put in yourself. The most obvious form of human powered transport for those going green is of course the bicycle and this is a fantastic solution for anyone going green – particularly for inner city commuting. On a bicycle […]