Human Powered Transportation

On an individual level, one of the ways in which we cause the most damage to the planet is through our use of transportation. Most of us these days have a car, and if we’re honest, most of us use our cars more often than we need to – which isn’t very eco friendly. Cars unfortunately spew fumes which contribute to the greenhouse gasses, and at the same time they use up our depleting fossil fuels every time you use them to pop to the shop.

Fortunately there are some more eco friendly solutions for those who want to go green, whether it’s getting the bus or walking to the shops. One of the most interesting solutions though is to use human powered transport – which is any transport that doesn’t use any fuel source other than the kinetic energy you put in yourself.

The most obvious form of human powered transport for those going green is of course the bicycle and this is a fantastic solution for anyone going green – particularly for inner city commuting. On a bicycle you don’t create any pollution, but at the same time you don’t pay for petrol, you don’t have to pay for parking, you can overtake traffic jams and there’s no tax. If this wasn’t enough it’s also a great way to workout and to burn some calories (exercise is a big bonus of going green).

Bikes aren’t to everyone’s tastes though, and unfortunately they are also cumbersome, make you very sweaty and are prone to getting stolen. There are though some other eco friendly human powered solutions for those who are interested and some of these are very unique but under-used.

For instance – why not rollerblade to work? Sure it’s very eighties, but just like the bike it’s also great exercise and hassle free. At the same time though you don’t need to tie it up and you can put them in a bag while you’re at work. So it’s a practical and eco friendly form of transport. Along the same lines is skateboarding. Again you might get a few looks but it’s also great fun (though a long board is more practical, while a footboard is more convenient for storing and carrying). On top of these ‘classic’ options are the relatively new ‘powerizers’ which are essentially huge stilts on springs which are alleged to allow people to easily jog at thirty miles an hour.

This is only the tip of the ice berg though, and if you’re interested in human powered transport and eco friendly solutions there are plenty more where those came from. There are tricycles, handcycles, casterboards and more. And even more excitingly, many inventors and entrepreneurs are busy inventing their own solutions and tapping in to the power we all have coursing through our veins. Watch this space.


  1. Carpooling is another great way you can help with the environment. I work 25 miles away from home so it makes it hard for me to ride a bike. But I have a coworker who lives in the same town so we carpool. It is nice to save the money on gas and also help with the environment.

    1. I have the same problem as Angie. I work far away from the place I live so I cannot use any forms of human powered transport. That will be very tiring to me. But this idea of carpooling is great. I haven’t thought of that before. I too have a coworker in my town. And since using any forms of human power transport is almost impossible to me, I will ask him if he wants to join me at work. This way we will go green together. Sincerely, I’m so happy and I hope he accepts.

  2. I enjoy rollerblading to work in the spring and summer. I rollerblade about six blocks to work and back home. It is a great way for me to stay in shape. Plus I am helping the world by going green. And saving my precious money!

    1. Oh, if I had been younger I would have loved to use any of these forms of human powered transport. I have to congratulate you for your choice. Rollerblade to work it’s a great way of human powered transport and also a great way of going green and save money. I’m glad to hear that still exist people who do this. You have my respect!

  3. I find that taking the bus not only save wear and tear on my car, but saves me in lots of gas money too. Plus, it is so great for the environment. I have been taking the bus for about two years now. I just love helping the Earth and do not feel the need to pollute it even more by having another car running each day.

    1. Taking the bus isn’t a form of human powered transport. But if you cannot use any of these ways of human powered transport, this is good too. It is indeed a great way of going green and save money. Not driving your car means you are stop polluting the environment, so this mean you go green. The bus circulates anyway.

  4. I think that if you live somewhere where you can walk or ride your bike you should. I have friend who works a block from work and he drives each and every day. It drives me crazy. I tell him he is hurting the environment but he does not care. I should send him to this site and maybe someone can talk some sense into him.

    1. Vince, maybe you should be more persuasive. Anyway, I cannot understand that man. If, in his case, it is possible to use any forms of human powered transport, why doesn’t he use them? I guess he simply doesn’t care! He doesn’t care about the environment and he doesn’t want to go green. He simply cares only about himself. He is such a selfish man!

  5. Walking is a great way to get to a place. Not only are you saving your self money from the gas, but you get some good exercise in as well. And it is nice to be able to save the environment as well. I will not drive my car if a place is within walking distance. To me it is just not worth the trouble or the effort.

  6. With the gas prices going up, I think a lot of people are going to be looking for other modes of transportation. I know that I cannot see paying an arm and a leg for a gallon of gas when my bike will suit me fine. I use my bike all the time. Not only does it keep my healthy, it keeps the planet healthy.

    1. All these forms of human powered transport are great if you want to go green and not use any fuel. Even if it is a bike or in your case walking, they are all great. I’m glad to hear that still exist people who use forms of human transport and this way they go green. The part with saving the money I think it is less important. But if saving the money makes you use human powered transportation, let’s save some money!

  7. I would love to be able to walk to work. I do not have that convenience though. I work 45 miles from home and can not walk. I have to drive. I do however ride with someone or they ride with me so at least I am helping by doing less polluting. I wish there were more people that could ride with us to help even more.

  8. I walk all the time to get to places I need to be. I have a new rule that I only drive if I have to. Or if I have to drive, do I really need to go? I plan on getting groceries in the next town over when I am visiting friends or have an appointments so I do not need to make more trips than neccessary.

  9. I have made a rule that I must walk or ride my bike to work unless there is some reason not to. I only live one mile away. I figure it is good for me by getting me some exercise and good for the environment. Plus with gas prices how they are, I am saving some extra money!

  10. I used to drive my big suburban all over the place. Not caring what damage I was doing to the environment. But a friend helped me realize that I was doing so much harm. And that if I could walk or ride a bike it was so much better. Since then I have traded in the gas hog for a much smaller more environmental friendly car.

  11. I have always had a small car. I guess I am just being cheap. the big vehicles take so much gas and with gas prices going up and up I do not want to pay a huge amount for the gas. So I guess in a way I am being Economical because I am being cheap.

  12. I do not like to pay an arm and a leg for gas so that is why I have a small car. But I am helping the environment there so I feel good. I often work from home so I am able to not have a driving expense anyway so I save the Earth from that pollution of driving. And I only go to the store if I have to. So therefore I save the Earth even more from pollution. Oh if only everyone did this.

  13. I walk everywhere. I live in a bigger city so sometimes it is just as easy to leave early and then not have to mess with traffic. So I guess I do help our good old Earth out in that aspect. I know many of my friends also walk so we do our part.

  14. I am lucky that I live in the same town that I work in. I often ride my bike to work. I have even used our golf cart before. Yes it still uses gas but uses way less than a car would.

  15. Last year I got an OWI and lost my license. So I had to walk or ride my bike everywhere. I even skateboarded to places. Now I am so used to doing this that I do not use my car that much anymore. And I feel really good about it as well.

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