How You Can Save the Planet By Voting

How You Can Save the Planet By Voting

We are all told to vote, and this is something that we are regularly lectured about by politicians and by our friends and family. Regularly we are informed that if we don’t vote then we can’t complain if we don’t like the way things turn out (which seems fair enough) and often we are told that not voting can allow for potentially dangerous extremist parties to get into power. While these are all important considerations, what you perhaps weren’t aware of is the fact that voting is also a very important part of truly going green and of helping to save the planet.

The reason for this is that all good political parties should have some kind of view on the environment and what we should be doing to protect it. Every political party and candidate really needs to have an policy on going green, and this will have a huge impact on the environment if they get into power. As people who are interested in going green it is our responsibility to listen to these plans and then to vote accordingly.

You might be wondering though what a party of polician in power can do for the planet and going green. In fact there are countless different things they can do. For instance a party can decide that the country uses too much personal transport creating fuel emissions and can limit that with new taxes on fuel or with incentives to change to hybrids and electric vehicles. Likewise they can pump resources into funding projects aimed at going green – such as alternative energy sources, conservation or bio-engineering of crops.

Some of these ideas about going green are going to be controversial – for instance if money is spent on researching alternative energy then that’s money that won’t be going into other things like health care or benefits. Likewise a tax on cars would not go down well with many groups when transport is already so heavily taxed. Some of the ideas that are good for going green you might not even agree with for these reasons seeing the measures as too extreme or at coming at too great a cost. Other parties or politicians it might seem have a great policy concerning the environment put perhaps don’t have much of a policy regarding anything else and this can be the case with those specifically geared towards going green.

Thus, helping your country to go green by voting is not an easy matter, however those who are interesting in helping their planet to go green have a responsibility to look into the policies of their parties and politicians and to judge appropriately for themselves.


  1. To me it is very important to see how a candidate feels about the environment. If they do not care or have it as a low priority then I do not bother to waste my time to vote for them. I want someone who will be able to say we need to do this to save the earth and then implement a plan to do so. That is what we need the most. If we do not have a good place to live, then why should everything else matter?

  2. I never used to be that concerned about what candidates thought about the environment. But I have come to realize that if we do not take care of the earth, then there will be nothing left for futures to come. So I listen know to what each candidate has to say about their concerns for the environment. And if they do not care,then they do not get my vote.

  3. Voting for a candidate that cares for the environment is something that is very important to me and my family. I do not think that one always feel compelled to talk about the environment in public campaigns but that is what catches my attention. I want to know what you are going to do for our earth. I want you to say I will do some good to make this place a better place to live.

    1. This is very important to me as well. I feel that if a candidate cares about our earth, then they will be able to better know what is good for a place or not. I only vote for ones that have strong opinions on how we should care for this place.

  4. You need to really listen to the candidates. Many of them are not at all interested in saving this planet but some of them are. I think that if some of them were more interested they could get more votes. I only vote for ones that will help save the planet.

  5. I pay close attention to what the candidates are saying but I rarely hear about the environment. I wonder if this is because many people just do not care to hear about it. Or if maybe the candidates do not care. I think I will start doing more research before I vote to see where candidates stand.

  6. I do not pay attention to what the politicians are saying. I feel that many of them lie and say they will help the environment but they never do. I am appauled by this. I take extra steps to make sure I am doing my part and have helped others change their ways as well.

  7. I always find myself to what the candidates have to say. It is so important to me that a candidate that I like be on my side with the environment. I want the environment to stay in as good of shape for my kids to have. And for their kids as well.

  8. I always listen to what the views are on the environment. It is very important to me. I figure that if they do not care about the environment then they do not care about me. If you want my vote you will care about this earth!

  9. I think that all issues are good ones to look at. I understand that politicians are worried that if they spend money on environmental issues there will be less money for something else. But if you do not have a good earth to live on, does anything else really matter? I think we need to take care of our earth so we have a good home in the future for our kids and grandkids.

  10. We need to really look into what politicians are saying . You know how many times I have been lied to. It is just amazing what some will tell you to get elected. I agree with Laura on this one. We need the money to go to saving our Earth so we have an Earth for years to come.

  11. I always make sure to hear what they are saying about the environment. I think that too often they say things and then do not really mean it. So our politicians need to be held responsible for it. If they are elected then we need to keep after them so they do what they said they would do in the first place.

  12. I have never listened to candidates before about the Earth. I do not ever recall one being really Earth friendly anyway. But I guess I can start doing my part by seeing their views on these issues. It is important after all.

  13. I have always been concerned about what the politicians are saying. It is sad that many of them do not even care about this earth. I wish more of them would take a stand and fight for what is right. But many do not care or do not do it because they feel it is not a big issue. When it is really a huge issue that we need to take control of.

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