Global Warming Denied by Politicians

Global Warming Denied by Politicians

                Global warming is a popular ‘buzz word’ at the moment and nowhere is this more true than in the world of politics. With so much hype around the environment this has become one of the ‘hottest’ issues for politicians (pun unintended) and so plays a role in nearly every speech, manifesto and rally. If you want to win voters, say the word ‘green’ enough and you’ll get some people behind you. We’re not going to get deep into politics here and address whether or not most politicians come good on their eco-friendly intentions, but rather look at those politicians who buck the trend by speaking out against global warming, and at those politicians that have conveniently ‘changed their minds’ to start going green in time for their campaign trail. What we’re looking at here is how politician’s views on climate change are formed and whether or not this has anything to do with, you know, their opinions on the subject… An Inconvenient Question While some politicians make their views on global warming clear […]

Becoming More Politically Active

Going green is not just about recycling your cardboard and using energy saving light bulbs. While these changes will of course help you to lessen your own individual carbon footprint, they are only the tip of the ice berg in terms of what you are capable of doing. If you’re truly dedicated to going green then it’s time to get political, to become a leader, and to show others the way in transforming their environment. Even those who have the biggest interest in going green however would probably argue that running for president is rather a big step. However there are many other ways you can get yourself involved politically and start making differences that will change the environment and the way that society treats it. Here we will look at some ways you can get involved and join the fray.   Join a Political Party: You can become a member of a political party without having to play too big a part in it, and that will then allow you to represent a party whose views you share, and […]

Green Rebates

We already know that going green is good for your financial health. When you go green you cut your reliance on power companies and thereby you go from having to pay for your electricity to being able to get it for free. While few people can completely switch to green energy sources, the fact that you are offloading some of that power will of course bring down your monthly bills. Then at the same time there’s the fact that green technology is by nature normally highly efficient. Whether buying batteries or light bulbs, these will be the ones that use less power and that don’t need replacing as rapidly. But that’s only one way in which you save money by going green. At the same time, the very fact that you are going green will save you money in taxes and get you green rebates. For instance if you should decide to invest in an electric car instead of an old fashioned petrol or diesel engine, or if you go half way and get a hybrid, then you will not […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger On Going Green

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a controversial politician at the best of times, and recent revelations of adultery have unfortunately cast something of an unsavory shadow over his political legacy. However what many people don’t know about the Austrian Oak is that he is a champion for going green, and a strong advocate of environmentally friendly policies. It is perhaps fitting that the man who once played Mr Freeze should be interested in tackling global warming, and throughout his term as governor Arnie demonstrated that this was indeed the case. This was clear in September 2006, when the Governator signed a bill that capped the greenhouse gas emissions in California – the first of its kind in the US. This law set regulations on the emissions allowed by utilities, manufacturing plants and refineries – which of course helped not only California’s bid to go green, but also other states to follow suit. Later Arnold would sign a global warming bill which prohibited large utilities and corporations from making contracts with suppliers that did not meet  the state emission standards. Both of these […]

Going Green (With Your Wallet)

If you are truly passionate about going green then you need to consider more than just your own carbon footprint – you need to think about how you can effect the planet on a broader scale. Going green is a way of life rather than just a few easy decisions (though every little bit helps) and there’s a lot you can do to help make the world a greener place – particularly by putting your money where your mouth is. Perhaps there’s a reason money is generally green… The first way going green can be achieved by spending money is by buying green products that have been made in a green way. This will effect your carbon footprint and make your home a more eco-friendly place, but more importantly it will send a message. By buying green products what you are doing is supporting those companies and this will mean that other companies sit up and take notice as they see that conscientious business pays off. As we cause more and more companies to start behaving eco-consciously this will then […]