Going Green (With Your Wallet)

If you are truly passionate about going green then you need to consider more than just your own carbon footprint – you need to think about how you can effect the planet on a broader scale. Going green is a way of life rather than just a few easy decisions (though every little bit helps) and there’s a lot you can do to help make the world a greener place – particularly by putting your money where your mouth is. Perhaps there’s a reason money is generally green…

The first way going green can be achieved by spending money is by buying green products that have been made in a green way. This will effect your carbon footprint and make your home a more eco-friendly place, but more importantly it will send a message. By buying green products what you are doing is supporting those companies and this will mean that other companies sit up and take notice as they see that conscientious business pays off. As we cause more and more companies to start behaving eco-consciously this will then have a huge impact on the environment – more so than any one business could have.

At the same time you can of course focus on going green through sponsoring charities. Choose the green charities that you are most interested in and you can give some of your income toward encouraging the creation of green technologies or planting trees in the rainforests. Green charities are trying to do a lot to help the planet to go green, but they need funding to do so. If you fund an organization developing alternative energy sources then you may just contribute to something that would change the planet for the better.

However giving money to charities is an expensive way of going green, if you would rather profit from your green streak and you have money to burn, then why not choose to invest in companies that are interested in being as eco friendly as possible? This way you can support companies that are trying to do the right thing in a big way, possibly profit from your good deeds, and you may even be able to influence big decisions in the organization if you are a major share holder.

For some influence can go even larger than that – for instance corporations tend to have a lot more money than individuals. If you are at the head of a well-off company then, make sure that you make the right decisions regarding going green – set an example for other businesses or you could even use your resources to buy smaller companies and then change their business practices from the inside. By controlling the flow of money then it is possible to encourage the planet in going green and to hasten the developments that will help prevent environmental damage.


  1. I don’t see how giving money to charities helps you going green with your wallet. You spend money on nothing. You just give away your money. I don’t think this makes you going green. I think charities are made for reach people, not for everybody.

  2. I think we all knew that the first way of going green is to buy green products. It is logically. Anyway, green products have a lot of benefits. The first thing which is good about them is they are good with the environment. Also going green by buying green products is good for your wallet.

  3. I thought that going green means buying green products. I didn’t know there were many other possibilities. This article about going green with your wallet is very interesting, but there are things I do not understand. How can you be green by giving your money to charities? This is the only thing I do not agree with.

  4. I would love to be the head of a well-off company. Who would not like that? I’m sure I would have taken the best decisions regarding going green if I had been so big. But, until that, I can only going green by buying green products or giving money to charities. These are the only things I can afford for the moment.

  5. There are many other possibilities of going green with your wallet. But, the most important thing is you to want to start going green. I have so many friends which don’t even want to be green. They said they don’t have time to think of what they should do regarding this. They are a little selfish no?

  6. I too don’t understand how can you be green with your wallet if you give money to charities? Going green with your wallet means you must throw your money this way? I don’t think so. Going green with your wallet means you must save money, do economies and also buy things which do not harm the environment. At least that is what I think.

  7. I have been buying green products for quite some time. I love some of the products. They really do clean better than the harsh ones I was used to. And they are so much better for this environment that I can not stop buying them.

  8. Going green means the same thing as going green with your wallet. After you decide to start going green you will see the differences. You will see the difference at bills cause they will be smaller. You will see also that some green products make you feel better, or they are easier to use. Going green is beneficial in many ways.

  9. Going green is beneficial for everything, not only for the environment. If you are wise or selfish, going green is a great solution to save some important money too. And you don’t put much effort in it. For example, instead of buying some things you definitely need, you can buy the green version of them. Like the LED lightbulbs. You save energy and eventually money. So going green is good for your wallet too.

  10. Allie, I have bought green ones as well. They are so much better for the home as well. I have also made my own. This is a great way to save money and not use any harsh chemicals!

    1. Care to share some of these with us? I do not know anything about being green. But I guess it is time to start. What are some ways I could make my own to be greener.

  11. I do my part by buying as much green stuff as I can. I buy paper that is recycled. My toliet paper is recycled. Sounds gross I know but the toliet paper is a good one to use. Many people are turned off by this but hey any small thing helps.

  12. This is an important piece of advice. Some people never think about something like this. Yes, you can go green if you support green companies indeed. And you help the environment a lot! Every green bit helps!

  13. It’s been a while since I started informing about green brands on the internet. Now, when I’m into a store, I always think of the product I buy. I want it to be manufactured by a green company. So yes, going green with your wallet is one good piece of advice. Make sure you will do the things like me!

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