Eco Flooring

There are hundreds of different eco products out there, and for those looking to go green by trying to buy green are truly spoiled for choice. However despite this being the case, few of us really realize many of the green products that are out there. We all know about energy saving lightbulbs for instance, and we all know about energy efficient vehicles… but did you realize that your very floor can be green?

Eco flooring represents just that – flooring that is produced in an entirely green way and that can further help you to go green once it’s installed. So how does something that requires no energy to run be green or otherwise?

Eco flooring is usually used to refer to wooden floors, and this is where they are related to going green. First of all eco flooring is produced using trees in the maximally efficient way. In other words, there is no wasted wood meaning that fewer trees are chopped down in order to create the maximum amount of flooring.

More importantly though, eco flooring is more conducive to going green as the trees used in the production of the flooring will all have been grown specifically. This way the trees aren’t being chopped down from rainforests, or other natural resources, and that means that the natural resources of trees are still in existence. This is important as chopping down trees from rainforests etc reduces the habitats available for the natural wildlife. Remember that every tree is home to hundreds of animals and insects, and when it’s cut down many of those will die. Meanwhile the trees themselves are also crucial for the maintenance ecosystem.

Some eco flooring companies that are keen on going green also promise to plant one tree for every tree used – and that means that they hopefully not reducing the number of trees at all that are on our planet and that can help turn carbon dioxide that’s damaging the environment into breathable and harmless oxygen. As carbon dioxide is one of the biggest contributors to the greenhouse effect this can have huge implications for the overall temperature of the planet.

Another way that eco flooring can go green (and often does) is through the careful planning of transportation – in other words making sure that once the wood is cut down, that it is transported in such a way that it uses up minimal fuel and so creates minimal emissions.

Lastly though eco flooring helps your home to go green long after it’s been installed. This is because it will have been designed to serve as an optimal insulator that helps to contain heat in the rooms. That in turn means you don’t need to waste energy by turning up the heating so high meaning you can reduce your own carbon footprint every single day after the flooring is installed.


  1. I never even knew that there was Eco flooring. It does make sense to me though. And it is great that you can save money even after it is installed. I like the way that it serves as an insulator.

  2. I like the idea of the eco friendly flooring. I think it is great that they watch how it is transported so it really is environmentally friendly. I love it and want this for my home now.

  3. Eco flooring is very nice. My friend just installed it in her home. She is very up on the environment and says that her floor is great. She said she is looking forward to keeping her heat bill down this winter because of it.

  4. If we take it that way (judging by the transportation means or by promises that other trees will be planted), then every thing we buy can be eco or green, like the eco flooring. Many companies should use this approach.

    Is the eco flooring an expensive option to the classic flooring? I was thinking about using a heated eco flooring. The heating system is more effective than classic systems.

  5. I was thinking about going for an eco flooring. I saw a type at some friend of mine. It is in my budget range to go for eco flooring, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t go for it. Anyone care to tell me its disadvantages? Cuz I can’t see any.

    1. I think that you should go for it. What is the price of it anyway? I have a room in my house that needs new flooring but have never seen it. Can you help me out with where to find it at?

  6. I’ve never heard about eco flooring. I haven’t thought that even the floor can be eco. I’m glad to hear that for producing these eco flooring, are not chopped down trees from rainforests. This is a good thing. This way the natural resources of trees are still in existence.

  7. I like the idea of eco flooring. I also like the fact that some eco flooring companies promise to plant one tree for every used tree. This way they are not reducing the number of trees.
    I hope they are keeping their promises.
    It’s nice to see that there are people who care.

    1. I too like the idea of eco flooring. I didn’t know about it before. I didn’t know what eco flooring meant. But now after I found out I hope every company which produces flooring take the example of those green ones. It would be better for our environment…

  8. I hadn’t thought before that even a floor can be eco. I agree with your last remark. Eco flooring really helps your home to be green. You just install the eco flooring and it becomes an isolator. It will be like a barrier which doesn’t allow the heat to go out.

  9. I hadn’t thought before to buy an eco flooring. I hadn’t even known about the existence of eco flooring. I should definitely buy it. I want my home to become green. I do care about the environment.

  10. I have eco flooring in my entire house. It works great. It really becomes an isolator. At winter I see the difference. It is warmer. I recommend eco flooring to everyone.

  11. I congratulate those eco flooring companies who said they will plant a tree for every used tree. This is what to be green means. You are using the resources you need but you provide others. Hope all flooring companies become eco flooring companies. It will be much better for the environment.

  12. I am looking at getting some of this next spring when we redo our computer room. I figured it would look great. I have not yet priced it. Can anyone tell me how much it is per square foot?

  13. I like so much the ideas of these eco flooring companies. Planting trees, grown their own trees is a proof of responsibility. And a proof that they are keen on going green.
    If every company did this way, it would be much better for the environment. But I do want to congratulate those eco flooring companies who were thinking to protect the nature.

  14. Eco flooring indeed helps you to go green. After installing it, becomes an isolator so much of the heat remains in. This way it will not be scattered. Eco flooring really works like a barrier. And it is an easy way to go green, cause you need flooring in your house no?

  15. Is the photo one of the flooring that is eco friendly? IF so I find it to be rather ugly. Are there any other patterns or colors to pick from? I could not imagine having that in my home!

    1. Who cares if it is ugly? There would be many ways to spruce it up. How about with a funky rug? Or you could get some great furniture that would take away from the flooring itself.

  16. I like the fact that eco flooring is produced using trees in the maximally efficient way. All those companies which produce flooring should think about going green. They should use trees in the maximally efficient way, like those companies which produce eco flooring. This would be very good for the environment.

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