Future Green Cars

The idea of green transport using electric cars is one that may for a long time have seemed like a pipe dream. While the concept of driving with completely clean energy and not having to spend tons on petrol to get around might sound idyllic, the reality hasn’t really lived up to the hope. Not only have electric cars historically been very expensive, but they weren’t exactly desirable to look at or fun to drive either – and then there was the complete lack of infrastructure for fueling up… Well that’s all changing now and finally the future green cars are starting to show promise. The future is bright – bright green… New Developments Tesla Motors are at the forefront of electric cars and in the last few years have made both highly desirable electric motors (the Roadster) and affordable commercial models (the Model S). This now means that you can realistically afford one of these future green cars, but also that you can enjoy driving them and being seen driving them. And now Tesla are looking to rectify the […]

Flat Roof or Sloped

When it comes to going green, few things in your home are going to make more difference than your roof. Your roof is what will look after your home and prevent heat from escaping (bear in mind that heat rises) or rain getting in, and it is also what will decide just how much space there is to heat, where you can fit your insulation and more. The roof itself is also a vast contraption that uses materials in its construction and of course if you are constantly having to repair it then this not going to help you go green much either. So choosing your roof wisely is important, and specifically one of the most important aspects to consider is whether you want to go with a flat roof or a sloped roof. Here we will look at which is the best option for going green and how to make that decision. Of course when going green and considering your roof there is no clear cut answer – the answer is going to be affected by your circumstances including […]

Green Superheroes

Superheroes have for many years fought for causes and faced up to threats that are too large, too complicated or too politically sensitive for us to stand up to in real life. This way they provide a great sense of escapism, of wish fulfillment and of inspiration, and they provide a great influence in some cases on how we live our lives. In these moments superheroes transcend their medium and become something bigger, using their iconic status to interpret and even direct the course of real world events. Thus it only makes sense that heroes should take on board one of the biggest issues of the 21st century and look at the environment. So what do green superheroes have to say about global warming and other eco-issues. There are many green superheroes in terms of color. The Green Lantern for instance, Green Arrow, The Incredible Hulk and Swamp Thing. Part of the reason for this was that in those days, green superheroes were easy and cheap to color, and would stand out against the other colors on the page (also […]

Top Green Products

The top green products provide simple practical solutions that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint while making life easier at the same time. But where do you begin? With so many green toys and tools to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming, so following are the 10 top green products to help you get started. Energy Saving Light bulbs: The energy saving light bulb is one of the top eco products for being so useful, so simple and such an easy way to make a big difference.   Non-Flush Urinals: These are being used more and more in a range of commercial locations and are some of the best top green products saving water and energy while maintaining the same level of hygiene. It only takes business owners and managers to make the right decision and these results can cumulatively make a huge difference.   Smart Flush Bags: But if you want to save flush-water at home then you’ll need to use smart flush bags – another of the top green products which save a liter of water […]

Green Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something that many homes and companies need to use on a daily basis. If you live in an area prone to long periods of heat, then life without air conditioning could be very oppressive and uncomfortable. Meanwhile ‘AC’ has a lot of other benefits too and can help to keep air clean and prevent the spread of bacteria. This is not always great for going green however as air conditioning does tend to guzzle quite a lot of energy. The key then, is to use air conditioning responsibly and to make sure you take precautions to ensure that you use as little as possible. Here we will look at some possible ways to reduce energy consumption as a result of using air conditioning. First of all you need to choose wisely precisely which air conditioning unit you purchase. When you first become interested in going green you should likely learn that many household and business appliances come with an energy rating that denotes how energy efficient they are. Choose an air conditioning system then that will use […]