Green Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something that many homes and companies need to use on a daily basis. If you live in an area prone to long periods of heat, then life without air conditioning could be very oppressive and uncomfortable. Meanwhile ‘AC’ has a lot of other benefits too and can help to keep air clean and prevent the spread of bacteria. This is not always great for going green however as air conditioning does tend to guzzle quite a lot of energy. The key then, is to use air conditioning responsibly and to make sure you take precautions to ensure that you use as little as possible. Here we will look at some possible ways to reduce energy consumption as a result of using air conditioning.

First of all you need to choose wisely precisely which air conditioning unit you purchase. When you first become interested in going green you should likely learn that many household and business appliances come with an energy rating that denotes how energy efficient they are. Choose an air conditioning system then that will use the minimum amount of energy while producing the most cool air.

Likewise you should consider the type of air conditioning you get – specifically whether you use air ducts or choose ductless air conditioning. Neither is better for going green per-say, it is all about your specific circumstances. In most cases ducts save energy by allowing one system to cool a whole home (rather than lots of independent units that all use a lot of energy). However if you live or work alone in a large building and often only inhabit one room, then ductless air conditioning can provide an ‘oasis’ solution – meaning you only use the energy needed to cool the room you’re in.

Going green is something that takes prolonged time and effort however; it is not good enough to merely select your air conditioning unit carefully – you also need to put the effort in to keep it in good condition. By cleaning the ducts and filters regularly you will create a better system for going green and ensure it stays more efficient.

From here it is a matter of using your AC sparingly and responsibly – don’t leave it on when unnecessary and if you need to be cooler then try first opening windows saving the air conditioning as a last resort. This way you can use your air conditioning with an eye to going green.


  1. Last year we had to have our central air replaced. We went with an energy efficient one. It has made a huge difference in our monthly cost to run it. Plus it keeps the house much cooler.

    1. Addie is right. Using green air conditioning systems make you save a lot of money. You can save a lot of money while you are going green. If you don’t believe me just buy a green air conditioning system and see it yourself. :D. You will cooler your house with little money and you will go green at the same time.

  2. I hardly ever run my air. It has to be pretty hot out for me to do so. I open my windows if I can or just use a ceiling fan to circulate the air. I would never leave the air on if I was not at home.

  3. I bought a green air conditioning system last year. Its energy class is A, it does not need that much electrical energy. It is a ductless AC. Also I am always using it only as much as I need. So I think I can say that I have a green air conditioning.

    1. Jew, yes you have a green air conditioning. When we buy appliances we should be careful at which class of energy they belong. You bought a green air conditioning system because you picked the one from the class A. The ones from this class save the most energy. You made the right decision.

  4. A green air conditioning is at least as efficient as those classic AC. I do not get it why people do not buy green air conditioning systems. It may cost a little more. But they will get their money back in the near future. They save more energy than the others.

  5. The article did not state how much one of these costs. Does anyone know? Are they the same as the ones that do not use as much energy? I am sure that they are.

  6. Sincerely, I haven’t heard about green air conditioning. I’m not even sure if this exists. I mean, if this green air conditioning is still using electrical energy, it isn’t that “green”, no? In my opinion are green only things which are not destroying the planet. Am I not right?

    1. Girl, what is wrong with you? Are you living on this planet? When we talk about green air conditioning we refer at a way to reduce the use of energy while we are still using ACs. Because of how we’ve evolved we cannot give up the technology so we have invented ways to reduce the energy which is used to support the technology. Green air conditioning is one of these ways I’m talking about.

  7. Green air conditioning is better than nothing. What can we do more? Using green air conditioning systems instead of ordinary systems mean we are starting to do something. They are something good. Like I said, better than nothing.

    1. I agree with Camil. Green air conditioning is better than nothing. If we cannot give up these technologies at least we’ve found a way to reduce the energy used by them. If I would ever need an AC I would definitely by a green air conditioning system. I hope we all think like this.

  8. I have never felt the need to use an air conditioner. Summer is my favorite season. I don’t have problems with heat. But, I would definitely buy a green air conditioning system if I were to. I know green air conditioning systems are more expensive but they are gentler with the environment.

  9. Do you know what I think? I think we are too comfortable. Before there weren’t air conditioners and we were just fine. We hadn’t needed all these green solutions like green air conditioning and others. We could manage without all these instruments. It is sad that we must find ideas like green air conditioning to harm less the environment.

  10. Sincerely, I don’t see me at summer, when it is too hot even to breathe without an AC. It is a basic need. It is something we all need. Green air conditioning is a good idea to still use the AC and harm less the environment. Green air conditioning systems are something we all should buy.

  11. I cannot stand air conditioners. I always have headaches if I stay in a room where these systems are used. So, I don’t need green air conditioning systems. But, it is a good idea. Green air conditioning systems are better for the environment than regular ones.

  12. Green air conditioning systems save energy and money. They are good with the environment and also with your pockets. 😀 So, why not buy green air conditioning systems? You spend a little extra money when you buy them, but you save money when the electric bill comes. They are a good investment.

  13. This post about green air conditioning is very good. It teaches you how to be responsible and sparingly. It makes you realize that every decision you take must be good for you and for the environment too, because it is your home. I strongly recommend to all people being green. Even if we talk only about green air conditioning.

  14. I like your advices on how to use the green air conditioning systems. Mostly the idea of using the AC as a last resort. I agree with all you’ve said and I will try to fallow these advices. They really make you to be more responsible. I’ll start being green with green air conditioning.

  15. I was thinking to buy an air conditioner. This summer it is really hot. I’m glad I saw this post before buying it. You convinced me to buy a green air conditioning system instead of a regular one. And I’m glad because I’m going to be green.

  16. I’m very pleased using a green air conditioning system. I heard about it from a friend. He had been using that green air conditioning system for a year when I asked about it. When he told me the benefits of it I was convinced to buy one. Now, I’m too using a green air conditioning system and I recommend everybody to buy one.

  17. Before buying the green air conditioning system I had been using a regular one. After buying it I started to see the differences. Even if you have to invest a little more money to buy a green air conditioning system, your investment comes back very quickly. You save more money and also you become green. I hope every people who read this article to think about it and buy a green air conditioning system.

  18. Green air conditioning systems are indeed better regarding many aspects. You will see immediately the differences between a green air conditioning system and a regular one. I was a little undecided before buying a green AC, but after I was very pleased. I knew I made the right decision. Now, I’m happy thinking that I also helped a little on saving the environment with that decision.

  19. People are so selfish. They think only at themselves. If you are trying to convince a man to buy a green air conditioning system because it hurt less the environment he will not be convinced to buy it. But if you say him that this way he saves money, he will immediately buy that green air conditioning system. Nowadays, the money is the only thing that matters.

    1. I definitely agree with what Crondi said on this post about green air conditioning. I cannot believe how people are acting these days. They are indeed so selfish. And here is not only about green air conditioning systems. It’s about everything, because every person is thinking only at itself.

  20. I don’t need an AC so I don’t really have to think at green air conditioning. Where I live is cold enough to not need a green air conditioning system. I’m lucky regarding these. But if I were to buy an AC I would definitely buy a green one. I do think and care about the environment.

  21. A green air conditioning system we all should buy if we really need an AC. And not only a green air conditioning system. We all should buy green products. Thinking more about the environment is what we need to do. Green products help us to protect more the environment.

  22. Going green buy using a green air conditioning system is easy. Everybody uses an air conditioner right? And if we want to buy an AC, why not buying a green one?
    And we all should be more informed about how to start going green. The producers of these green products, including green air conditioning systems should really make public information campaigns.

  23. When we first bought our home, we had a central air unit installed in it. The one that we bought is very nice as it is green. The old one left here was not green at all. I am sure it would have been so bad for the environment had my wife and I decided to keep it.

  24. Think about green air conditioning systems in offices. If a company’s owner wants going green it should think to buy this kind of air conditioners. All offices should be provided with these systems. Then we consider the company’s owner a responsible one. Going green by buying green air conditioners is indeed a proof of responsibility and smartness.

  25. If you need an air conditioner buy a green one. It is a good investment. Also this way you’ll start going green. It is not that hard, no? You just simply buy what you need, and start going green without even trying.

  26. Do these air conditioners cost any more than a regular one? If not you would be a fool not to buy one if you get one. I am sure that they are a good investment. I would think that they would help make your energy bill lower.

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