Green Flora and Fauna

There are many aspects of going green that make it so important. There’s the fact for instance that global warming is causing more natural disasters which are laying waste to the homes of millions of people, or there’s the fact that global warming is causing sea levels to rise and shrinking the land we have available to live on. You might have read elsewhere about how global warming is killing off some of our natural resources, or about how we’re running out of energy to fuel our cars and household appliances. Of course all of these are very good reasons to go green and to limit your contribution to the destruction.

However all these are reasons that only effect us – i.e. that effect humans. There are many more victims of the way we’re treating the planet though, and what makes it more tragic is that all of these victims are innocent and blameless in the destruction of our resources and the creation of harmful fuels. There are countless ways that our behavior as a race is effecting the animal kingdom, and there so there are countless ways that going green can help stop this unnecessary destruction of life.

Take for instance the destruction of so many trees – not only does this create more carbon dioxide, but it also means the destruction of the habitats of countless animals. Every single tree that is cut down in the rainforest will cause the death of many animals and insects that lived there. So by recycling and going green in other ways you can leave more of them to their homes.

At the same time animals are effected directly by global warming as it means that habitats that were once perfectly suited to them are now too hot or too cold and they can no longer live there – or at least cannot flourish. The same goes for plants and trees and other organic masses, and one of the most concerning examples are the coral reefs – as global warming causes the seas to rise in temperature so does this cause an increase in acidity which is causing many reefs to die out. Each reef is home to millions of species of marine life and should these be destroyed it would be an absolutely tragic loss. Going green then can help to save the coral reefs and thereby help the millions of creatures that call them home.

And the important thing to remember though is how an ecosystem works – how every life is dependent on another life. Animals eat plants and then get eaten by other animals. If any single creature dies out then, it will mean that another species is left without its prey, or starts to run amok without its natural predators (meaning that whatever it eats will diminish).

Already animals have gone extinct as an effect of global warming (even if not as a direct effect). Going green to prevent this happening more is absolutely crucial and the moral thing to do.


  1. The destruction of trees is something that I have never thought of. Yes I can see how it would kill off many of the animals and insects that have lived there. I have never seen that perspective before. Thanks for making me think.

  2. It is really too bad animals have to suffer because of our stupidity. They should not have to look for new places to live that suit them. We need to do something about global warming. It not only effects us but countless animals who are all innocent.

  3. Our green flora is in danger. The same for green fauna. Unfortunately, the pollution is an important issue we should deal with as soon as possible. Humans do a lot of harm to the planet we live on. We MUST be aware of the dangerous situation. At the moment, there is no really such thing like green flora and fauna. We have interfered with them whenever we had the possibility.

  4. The green flora and fauna may be going through a natural cycle. So some disasters we face may be normal. Too bad that some of them kill people. It is such a sad thing that the human race gets killed by the nature… but this is how things work on our planet.

  5. It is too bad that many animals are suffering because of how we treat this planet. I do not agree with that. Why should they have to switch from being cool to hot just for us. I do not think that they should have to.

  6. While I do not like the natural disasters some of them just can not be prevented. But others can be prevented. It is too bad we have to live in a world like this. Too bad everyone did not care.

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