Eco Flooring

There are hundreds of different eco products out there, and for those looking to go green by trying to buy green are truly spoiled for choice. However despite this being the case, few of us really realize many of the green products that are out there. We all know about energy saving lightbulbs for instance, and we all know about energy efficient vehicles… but did you realize that your very floor can be green? Eco flooring represents just that – flooring that is produced in an entirely green way and that can further help you to go green once it’s installed. So how does something that requires no energy to run be green or otherwise? Eco flooring is usually used to refer to wooden floors, and this is where they are related to going green. First of all eco flooring is produced using trees in the maximally efficient way. In other words, there is no wasted wood meaning that fewer trees are chopped down in order to create the maximum amount of flooring. More importantly though, eco flooring is more […]

Environmental Remediation Services

Going green is something that all of us should concern ourselves with – whether we’re a household of one or a large multinational corporation. Global change starts at home and if we start by going green here today, we’ll be doing our bit and encouraging other people to follow suit. If everyone started making more effort to go green today, then there wouldn’t be the problems there are with the environment right now. However some companies certainly make more impact on the environment than others – and particularly those working with hazardous or toxic materials on a large scale such as oil, petroleum, radioactive materials and even electronic waste. Such companies are dealing with substances that could easily do terrible harm to the environment and they are thus in a position of responsibility to the rest of the planet to make sure that they do not cause unnecessary damage. In the case of a This is where environmental remediation services come in, and it is highly important for such businesses to use environmental remediation where necessary. Environmental remediation essentially means […]

How do Energy Saving Lightbulbs Work?

When it comes to eco products, the ones that most of us are familiar with and that seem to get the most attention are energy saving lightbulbs. Energy saving lightbulbs are bulbs that require less energy in order to light up the same sized room adequately which is of course eco friendly as it means that you aren’t using up as much electricity (and so you are contributing less to the amount of fossil fuels burned) as well as being a great way to save money as you will be charged less by your electricity supplier. But how do these eco friendly light bulbs work? And what is different about them that means they won’t use up as much energy? Interestingly, the differences between energy saving lightbulbs and ‘regular’ lightbulbs is quite great and the two are fundamentally different. This is because energy saving lightbulbs are fluorescent while ‘regular’ lightbulbs are incandescent. One major difference between these too which of interest for those going green is that incandescent bulbs come with different wattage outputs and typically these will be 40, […]