Environmental Remediation Services

Going green is something that all of us should concern ourselves with – whether we’re a household of one or a large multinational corporation. Global change starts at home and if we start by going green here today, we’ll be doing our bit and encouraging other people to follow suit. If everyone started making more effort to go green today, then there wouldn’t be the problems there are with the environment right now.

However some companies certainly make more impact on the environment than others – and particularly those working with hazardous or toxic materials on a large scale such as oil, petroleum, radioactive materials and even electronic waste. Such companies are dealing with substances that could easily do terrible harm to the environment and they are thus in a position of responsibility to the rest of the planet to make sure that they do not cause unnecessary damage. In the case of a

This is where environmental remediation services come in, and it is highly important for such businesses to use environmental remediation where necessary. Environmental remediation essentially means removing contaminants and pollution from an environment once it has become contaminated. Normally this means removing it from the soil, sediment or water (rivers, lakes or seas). This then protects both human life and the immediate and wider environment and ecosystem.

For companies with a moral conscience interested in going green then, environmental remediation is highly important and they should take it on themselves to have an assessment. This will involve sampling and chemical analysis of topsoil, groundwater and air. At the same time, those organisations that have voluntary site testing will be safe against their reports being leaked due to the freedom of information act – so there’s something in it for them too.  Environmental remediation will also include ’emission standards’ to limit the amount of pollutants including dust, odour, sound and carbon emissions that are permissible for a site.

From here if a site is found to be contaminated then there are a range of environmental remediation services that can be used to solve the problem. For instance excavation means hauling contaminated earth and soil to a landfill site as well as aerating volatile organic compounds. ‘Pump and Treat’ meanwhile means pumping contaminated water using a vacuum pump and then purifying it by pumping it through a series of vessels which can absorb the contaminants. Other techniques include solidification and stabilization, soil vapor extraction and surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR) among others.

Any company interested in going green and protecting their environment then should use environmental remediation services to get regular checks and to use these techniques when necessary to avoid doing untold damage to the surrounding area. Additionally companies should look into preventative measures in order to reduce the threat they pose to the environment in the first place and should use emergency environmental remediation services in cases where they have leaks or other accidents. Here the environmental remediation services will be able to respond rapidly to remove hazardous materials from the area using vacuum trucks and hazmat suits and tents thus limiting the tremendous damage that such spills can cause.


  1. No. Not any company interested in going green. Every company should use environmental remediation services. If there is any need for it. I don’t know about the costs of environmental remediation services. But surely, things like these should be done. We should care about the planet!

    1. Olix is right!! Every company should use environmental remediation services. It is not about if a company is or is not a green company. If it is necessary every company MUST use environmental remediation services. Don’t you agree??

  2. Environmental remediation services should be mandatory for all the companies needing it. Politicians should make it clear. We should not mess with the planet. We are already running out of natural resources. This is a reason to proceed with caution 😀

  3. I agree with Vlad. It is something that all companies should have to do to get started. Hook up with a specialist and go from there. If you do not cooperate then you should be shut down until you do.

  4. Going green is something we all should start doing. Going green is good for our pockets and for the environment too. I think we all should think more about our environment. In fond it is our house. It is the place where we are living right?

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