Getting Your Friends to Go Green

Going green is a great way to make life easier and cheaper while doing something for your fellow man. By going green you are not only helping the planet and by extension everything on it, but you are also helping to save yourself money by avoiding spending unnecessarily on your energy bills, and achieving some creative solutions that can be both fun and satisfying.

As such, once you’ve decided to go green, it’s natural to want to help others by getting them to go green too. At the same time the more people you convert, the larger the impact will be on the planet. Making positive changes most certainly starts at home, but if everyone does the same thing then you will see the effects multiplied exponentially. Here we’ll look at a few ways you can convince others to go green.

Set a good example: One of the best ways to get someone interested in going green is to set a great example yourself. This means you don’t have to ram the idea down their throat which can have the adverse effect of making them resistant when they might not otherwise have been, and can rather let them come to you. If you have a great self-sustaining garden and serve up home grown beans then you can be sure that you’ll start to pique the interest of some of your guests.

Make it look fun: Going green can be great fun – that’s why this site is called ‘enjoy going green’. Depending on how far you want to take the lifestyle it can be incredibly rewarding and informative. Make sure you share some interesting facts about the environment and involve your friends in some of the more fun aspects of going green.

Give green gifts: Going green means being creative and that’s something everyone is interested in to some extent. Giving home made gifts is not only a great way to put effort and thought into a present, but also to get people interested in the process. This could mean home made soap, a plant you grew or home made champagne. Anything that demonstrates the fun and creative side of going green.

Explain global warming: Don’t just start spouting facts if no one asked as this form of evangelicalism can be off putting. However many people don’t understand precisely how global warming works or what damage it’s doing. Many people also don’t believe that it’s really being caused by mankind and is in fact just a natural ‘cycle’ for the planet. Put them right by explaining how carbon causes the greenhouse effect and how this is something that we create a lot of. Some other little facts about the death of the coral reefs or a higher incidence of natural disasters can also help to hit home.

Start helping: If someone shows an interest in going green then you should nurture this interest as you would a young plant. Offer to give them any information regarding where they can get cheap energy saving light bulbs for instance and give them some seeds if appropriate.


  1. I recycle at my home so my friends have to recycle when they are here. If I am at their home and they do not recycle I offer to take the stuff home and recycle it for them. I did get my cousin hooked on recycling so it can be done. Just give them tips or offer to help them make something more green. It is not hard work just takes some time.

  2. I have a garden in the summer full of veggies that are organic. I make it a point to serve these when we have a BBQ. Others see how beautiful the garden is and they taste the veggies. Makes them want one of their own.

  3. I some good examples for all my friends. They have called me the Recycle Nazi before. I make them recycle when they are at my home. And if I go somewhere that they do not recycle, I tote it home with me and toss it in my bin when I get here.

  4. My friends are helping me go green. I just moved and have never had to recycle before. Now I have to. So they helped me out by getting some tubs for the glass bottles and a container for all my plastics and some for my cans. It has helped me out a lot.

    1. Well Earl that is just great. I think that your friends deserve a pat on the back for this one. It is not hard to recycle. In fact I find it quite enjoyable. To know that I am helping the earth makes me smile.

  5. My friend Paulo got me to go green and for the I can not thank him enough. He told me a lot about recycling and how the landfills were filling up and how many of them are being closed down. I did not realize that. Since that day I have started to recycle everything that I can.

  6. I do like to give homemade gifts. And many are green. I make my own soaps and people love them. I would be interested in making green champagne. I wonder if anyone could share how to do that with me.

  7. My son has been on his friends family to recycle. He told them how we do it with all our bins and the labels and pictures on the bins. So his friends family has also started doing it. It feels great to know that I have rubbed off on my son.

  8. I started going green a few years ago. Since then I have tried to convince my friends going green too, but I haven’t succeeded with all of them.
    I will try to give them green gifts. I haven’t thought of this before. It sounds fun and I hope to convince the rest of my friends going green too.

  9. I’ve taught all my friends how to start going green. First I’ve told them to buy an energy saving light bulb. This is the easiest way to start going green. Then I’ve asked about a day without driving their car. Some of them were really impressed. With others I had to work a little harder but now all of them are trying to be green.

  10. Getting my friends going green wasn’t hard for me at all. I’ve even liked it.
    I’ve explained them about the benefits of going green. They all understood. One of them even started to convince his friends going green too.

  11. I tried to convince some of my friends going green. It was impossible. They said they don’t have time for going green. Very selfish friends I have. Anyway, I’m not giving up so quickly, so wish me luck.

  12. My wife got me to go green. And I am so glad that she did. Ten years ago I would not have cared. I could have tossed cans into the garbage and not thought twice about how bad that was. My wife made me see that if I do not help do my part we will not have a great Earth for very long.

  13. Explaining global warming to my friends made some of them to go green. They were petrified. They were really preoccupied when I told them that. Believe me, that is a good advice. It really makes your friends to go green.

  14. I grew up in a green home. We recycled all the time and turned off lights when we were not in the room. People called us hippies. I think that is the best lifestyle to live.

  15. Do you know how I convinced a friend to get started going green? I asked him if he wants to carpool with me. He said yes. After this he realized how much money he saved. And this way he started going green and since then he has been trying to use only green products.

  16. Haha, great ideas you have. I didn’t think to give green gifts to my friends. I think I will start to do this. I have a lot of friends to convince to get started going green. But what can I get them? I’ll buy a led bulb for each. In fond, this is the easiest way to start going green.

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