Coral Reefs and Global Warming

Global warming has many devastating effects on our planet and these extend to the eco system and wildlife as well as to the climate. One problem though that everyone might not be aware of is the damage it has done to the coral reefs – and the threat it still poses for them. In fact many studies have demonstrated that should the damage to the coral reefs continue, it could eventually result in their complete destruction. These studies have shown how the coral reefs are being destroyed, and how if we do not go green soon, there will soon be nothing left of them.

For many people, the loss of the coral reefs might not seem like a terrible thing – not in the face of all the other more catastrophic damages to the planet and eco systems that we are facing such as the loss of some species of animals, or the melting of the ice caps. However this is a short sighted view and fails to recognise the significant of these structures.

There is only one living thing that can be viewed from space – guess what that is? Of course, it’s the coral reefs. These are the world’s largest living structures, indicating what a significant event it would be should they be lost. Moreover, these constructs are not only living things in their own right, but also provide habitats for literally millions of creatures – the coral reefs are self contained eco systems, and without them these species could not survive. Again this is clearly a tragic occurrence, but it also would have further repercussions on the remaining marine life as the prey of many predators became extinct, or as predators became extinct resulting in multiplying populations of other creatures without the coral reefs – the Earth’s most biodiverse eco systems – the highly delicate balance of life in the sea would be disrupted.

At the same time, without these coral reef eco systems, the 100 million people living on the coasts of many tropical countries would be endangered as they became vulnerable to floods and erosion and as there became far fewer fish to eat. It would even hurt the economy as many coral reefs are seen as tourist attractions – both for their beauty and for their ability to create surf.

So how does this all work? Well as well know, the increase in carbon emissions is resulting in the rising temperature of the planet as the heat from the sun is unable to escape. In turn this results in the temperatures of the sea heating up, and as they do this increases their acidity. This then makes it a less suitable habitat for the coral reefs and it is triggering coral diseases and stifling their ability to create calcareous skeletons.

The only thing we can do to prevent this catastrophe is to promote going green and to slow global warming by going green and encouraging others to go green. Another potential solution is to create artificial coral reefs, though this is of course a poor substitute for real coral reefs and will not undo all of the damage that their loss would mean for our eco systems.


  1. That is really too bad about the coral reefs. I support going green all the way. I feel it is a tragedy to have the coral reefs disappearing. I think we need to take action now before it is too late.

  2. I never knew that coral reefs were in such danger. That is a shame because they are so pretty. I do not think that many people know that. Hope this article does some good and makes people more aware of this.

  3. Coral reefs are so beautiful. It is a shame that we may be losing them. I do promote going green and am a big green advocate. I feel that we need to protect our earth so we have it for years and years to come.

    1. Congrats at being a green supporter. It is great to have them on this planet. It is a shame that we are losing our coral reefs and there are so many out there that do not even care. If they could only see the true beauty in them and see that we need them on our planet. Then maybe everyone would be willing to help out.

  4. It is a shame we can not save the coral reefs. Or are not doing enough to save them. They are very pretty and all oceans should have them. It is too bad that ocean life has to suffer because of our mistakes.

  5. I too did not know that the only thing from space that you can view is the coral reefs. I guess we should all take time to protect them. They are very pretty to me. But can anyone tell me exactly what they do for an ocean?

  6. It is really to bad about the coral reefs. If you have seen them only in pictures you are missing out. I have been to Australia before and they are so beautiful. Hopefully something gets done so we can have a beautiful planet and enjoy these great things.

  7. It is such a sad shock that coral reefs are in that much danger. Yes they are so pretty to look at. And it is amazing that you can see them from space. But our oceans need them. It is not fair to make ocean life suffer because we are so stupid and thoughtless.

  8. I never knew what an impact coral reefs had on us. It is a shame that we are losing them. I think that it is neat that you can see them from space. We need to take the time to save them for sure.

  9. Coral Reefs are so pretty. It is a shame that we are putting them in danger. I could not imagine not having them. It is amazing that you can see the from so far away. And I agree with the above poster. Why make our ocean life suffer just because we are so thoughtless and careless?

  10. I have seen the coral reefs and it is a shame to see them in danger. I wish that more people could see how beautiful they are so they want to take care of them. I agree with you Janice that it is not right that we are doing this to sea life. But many people are only concerned with themselves.

  11. Maybe if everyone saw how beautiful these were we would not want to put them in danger? It is so shameful to me to see them in danger. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. I just do not understand it.

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