Is Global Warming Real?

Global warming is a popular buzz-word among politicians and the media and an issue that we are constantly being reminded of. However if you have read up on the subject further in your own time, then you might have also heard other murmurs – that global warming is in fact not a man-made event at all, and that it is rather just a natural cycle that the planet is going through and that it has occurred before. In fact some researchers claim that the effects of the cycle are not entirely negative and that it is in some ways a positive effect. So what are we to believe? The belief among some researchers is that the cycle occurs regularly (though estimates as to the length of the cycle vary between 1,500 and 40,000) and has done so for the last million years. Allegedly while this will lead to various negative effects, it is still nonetheless preferable to the cold phases of cycle which have historically killed around twice as many people as the hotter periods. Previous examples of these ‘cold’ […]

Coral Reefs and Global Warming

Global warming has many devastating effects on our planet and these extend to the eco system and wildlife as well as to the climate. One problem though that everyone might not be aware of is the damage it has done to the coral reefs – and the threat it still poses for them. In fact many studies have demonstrated that should the damage to the coral reefs continue, it could eventually result in their complete destruction. These studies have shown how the coral reefs are being destroyed, and how if we do not go green soon, there will soon be nothing left of them. For many people, the loss of the coral reefs might not seem like a terrible thing – not in the face of all the other more catastrophic damages to the planet and eco systems that we are facing such as the loss of some species of animals, or the melting of the ice caps. However this is a short sighted view and fails to recognise the significant of these structures. There is only one living thing […]