The Paperless Office

Recycling paper is one of the biggest parts of going green as it means cutting down fewer trees resulting in more oxygen and less carbon dioxide and so less heat trapped in our planet. All of this is highly important if you want to do your bit toward going green, and by the same token it is important that you also use paper that has been made from recycled material. However while this is certainly a good step to take, there is one better that you can go – and that’s to avoid using paper in the first place as much as possible. To achieve this is an aim that many businesses hold, and something that anyone interested in going green to consider. Not only is this great for going green though, but also for saving space, and for making things easier to find. But how could you achieve it? The simple answer is to use new technology to replace paper wherever possible, and there are several ways you can start doing that right now. Here we will look at […]

Recycling From Both Sides of the Equation

When it comes to recycling to help the environment most of us will these days do at least some recycling and will at least recycle our bottles or plastic waste. This is partly because we have to, so even if we’re not all about going green we need to throw our rubbish into the recycling bin and waste bin respectively if we want the trash collectors to actually take our bins away. Meanwhile those more focussed on going green will take the time and effort to really route through their things and select the items that really need recycling and those that don’t, to then clean these out, and to remove any elements that aren’t suitable for recycling. They might even have other recycling bins and re-use some of their used items themselves – organic materials for fertilizing their gardens for instance. But is this the only way of going green when it comes to recycling? Is there more you can do to make sure that fewer materials go to waste or end up in dump sites? Of course there […]