Recycling From Both Sides of the Equation

When it comes to recycling to help the environment most of us will these days do at least some recycling and will at least recycle our bottles or plastic waste. This is partly because we have to, so even if we’re not all about going green we need to throw our rubbish into the recycling bin and waste bin respectively if we want the trash collectors to actually take our bins away.

Meanwhile those more focussed on going green will take the time and effort to really route through their things and select the items that really need recycling and those that don’t, to then clean these out, and to remove any elements that aren’t suitable for recycling. They might even have other recycling bins and re-use some of their used items themselves – organic materials for fertilizing their gardens for instance.

But is this the only way of going green when it comes to recycling? Is there more you can do to make sure that fewer materials go to waste or end up in dump sites? Of course there is.


You see for really going green and really aiding recycling, you need to think not only about how you are going to go about recycling items that come into your possession, but also about how to ensure there are more recyclable products out there and that you are more likely to be able to use them. For instance when buying items you should always check first to ensure that they are recyclable. This will mean that you are able to support those companies that are focussed on going green which means that there will be more recyclable green products out there as they get a larger market share and as other businesses start to take note. Then you’ll be able to recycle that item after use and so this will minimize your contribution to the waste that is polluting the planet. You can take going green further too if you try and convince other people to do the same and if you rave about the recyclable products that a company uses. Look for businesses that use materials that can be recycled, but that also make their products from recyclable substances initially.

Likewise if you yourself run a business, then you can think about whether your products are recyclable or made from recyclable materials. If not then look into altering your business model to incorporate more biodegradable materials. This means in the final product but also in your day to day use – for instance why not use biodegradable cups in the kitchen?


  1. I recycle everything that I can. But the other day I noticed that my town is no longer recycling glass. I can not believe that. Is that not the craziest thing you have ever heard?

  2. I make sure that anything I buy is recyclable. I look at all the plastics that I buy before hand and if it says that I can not recycle it then I do not buy it. And something that I like to do is by products that have already been recycled.

    1. I do exactly like Jules. I’m very interested in going green and recycling. Every time I buy something I look for the recycling mark. I always try to buy only products with recyclable packs. This is something we all should do!

  3. If I had a business I would make sure that anything I package my stuff in is recyclable. It is just a good business practice and will draw many people to buy the product itself. I feel that I am more apt to buy something when it is in a package that is 100% recycable.

  4. I have found some great sites that offer products that are made with natural ingredients. Or ones that put their products in recycable containers. To me this is crucial. I will not buy anything but.

  5. I really like your article about recycling. There are many people who don’t know many of these things. There are people who don’t know that if they buy recyclable products they support those companies who are focused on going green and are interested in recycling. Not many companies think this way. For some, this area of going green and recycling isn’t so important like the profit they make.

  6. I’m interested in going green and recycling. Like many other people who think this way I always try to buy products which can be recycled. And we all should do this even if we are not so interested in going green. I do not think it is hard to look on a package to see if it is recyclable or not. Because, when it comes to recycling, we all should think that this way we can help the environment.

  7. I’m kinda interested in recycling too. I work with a lot of paper. I have a special box where I gather all the paper which I don’t need any more. Then, when the box is full I take it to the recycling centers. And I feel much better knowing I’ve participated in saving the environment.

  8. I have to congratulate those companies who are interested in going green and recycling. I’m sure there are a few. Not many companies think about recycling and care about the environment. Many of them care only about their profit. They don’t understand that in a simple way they can help saving the environment while they are making money too.

    1. Bluelion is absolutely right. There aren’t many companies interested in recycling. Which companies think more at going green than about the profit? I don’t think there are many. Money is the most important thing for them. But I too have to congratulate those companies who beside the profit they are thinking at how they can go green, about recycling and about helping to save the environment.

  9. I’m sure that everyone who is interested in going green and recycling tries to buy only recyclable products. This article wasn’t so necessary. I’m sure these people know what to buy if they want to recycle the package. I personally buy only recyclable products. Every time I buy something I look to see if it is or not something I can recycle.

  10. Recycling is something we all should think of. We must try to buy only recyclable products to help those companies who are interested in recycling to continue their job. I don’t think recycling is so hard to do. You just simply buy recyclable products and throw them in the correct bin. It isn’t hard right?

  11. I don’t always look on the package of what I buy to see if can be or cannot be recycled. But every time I have something which can be recycled I recycle it. You know, your article is very motivational. I have never thought that if I buy recyclable products I help those companies who are interested in recycling. From now on I will try to look and buy only recyclable products.

  12. With time people will understand the importance of going green and recycling. Nowadays many of us do at least some recycling. It is good. But I hope, in the future, recycling becomes more important for all of us. In fond, recycling is the most important thing we should do for our environment.

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