The Paperless Office

Recycling paper is one of the biggest parts of going green as it means cutting down fewer trees resulting in more oxygen and less carbon dioxide and so less heat trapped in our planet. All of this is highly important if you want to do your bit toward going green, and by the same token it is important that you also use paper that has been made from recycled material. However while this is certainly a good step to take, there is one better that you can go – and that’s to avoid using paper in the first place as much as possible. To achieve this is an aim that many businesses hold, and something that anyone interested in going green to consider. Not only is this great for going green though, but also for saving space, and for making things easier to find. But how could you achieve it? The simple answer is to use new technology to replace paper wherever possible, and there are several ways you can start doing that right now. Here we will look at […]

Doing a Clear Out

Clearing out your things from time to time is one of the healthiest and most efficient things you can do for your home. If you are able to clear out your belongings correctly then you will find that you end up having more space, feeling less claustrophobic, being able to keep things cleaner and less cluttered, having more time to get things done and generally feeling better about yourself. At the same time you can improve the efficiency of your home and earn a bit of money at the same time. It’s great for going green, and it also helps you to feel the whole ethos of going green by living in more efficient and less cluttered surroundings. When you clear out your home this means you will need to go through all your old boxes and junk and get rid of anything that is taking up unwanted space. If you really want to feel the difference though then you need to be ruthless and get rid of anything that isn’t either sentimental or regularly used. All of us have […]

Managing Your Recycling

We all recognise the importance of recycling and we all know how important it is to avoid wasting the planet’s resources and it’s not really much skin off of our teeth to place our used items in one bin rather than another. However that said it can sometimes get a little confusing when we have  two or more recycling bins and when we aren’t sure what’s recyclable and what isn’t – and even more so if there are various people in our home. Here we will look at some tips for making life easier. Designate Bins: First of all you need to designate your selected bins for things like ‘plastic and bottles’, ‘organic’ and ‘non-recyclable’. You need to make sure that you are complying with the local council as if you throw the wrong things in the recycling you will be making more work for them not less. At the same time having a bin for organic recycling is not particularly useful unless your council recycle those things. That said if you are a keen gardener then you might want […]

Reusing Items Around Your Home

Reusing Items Around Your Home

When we think of recycling, we think of taking out the trash and putting it into the recycling bin rather than just throwing it away – and this is what it means to go green. However this is only one small part of recycling, and the term could be used more broadly to describe the way you treat all of your materials after you’ve used them. Recycling and going green doesn’t just mean letting other people worry about recycling your old left overs, but also thinking of it yourself and asking how you can be more efficient with the materials you use. If you really want to go green then, better than throwing your old cardboard in the designated bin – which still required money and energy to recycle and which will still result in your buying more items – is to find ways to recycle them yourself and to re-use them. What do we mean by this? Well think about the things you throw away, and then think about what you could have done with those raw materials. For […]