Green City Markets

Green City Market

The Green City Market is a non-profit organization operating in Chicago that focuses on local sustainable farming practices. Once a year the Green City Market takes place in Chicago and is the only one of its kind. It was started in 1998 by Abby Mandel, who was a Chicago Tribune columnist and an author of cookbooks. It is located in at the South End of Lincoln Park and takes place from May through to October. It continues in the Peggy Notabaert Nature Museum from November to April. Attend and you can expect to see chefs demonstrate their culinary skills, view the edible gardens, enter competitions and more.

The Green City Market website states its mission as being to make available a diverse range of quality foods, and to educate and connect farmers as well as chefs, restaurateurs and the local community. They also aim to promote health and green living through education and through the appreciation of fresh food, and sustainability; and they support small family farms.

So how does the Green City Market help Chicago to go green? Well of course it encourages the farmers to go green in order to be a part of the market and to get the direct connections to the local outlets. This means support shifts to sustainable farms and means that more of what you see in shops and on menus is green and sustainable. At the same time by simply raising awareness it is showing people the right way to farm and how they can support this movement.

Sustainable green farming means the efficient use of energy and water, using organic fertilizers such as recycled crops or livestock waste, harvesting natural resources responsibly so that they can be replenished faster than they are used, preventing soil erosion with wind breaks and no-till farming and much more. All of this can have a profound impact on the atmosphere and on our natural resources, but more to the point it will allow us to continue growing crops and providing green food for years to come. At the moment if soil erosion continues at its current rate, then it is believed that crop yields will be halved within the next fifty years.

Visit the website for more details on when and where you can see the Green City Market and specific events. You can also expect to find recipes on the site, and more information about sustainable green farming and the Green City Market itself.


  1. I hadn’t known about the existence of the Green City Market organization. It should be really interesting attending it. I was always interested in cooking. I’m really thinking attending Green City Market organization. I want to learn more about green living.

  2. The Green City Market sounds like a great thing. I would think that many chefs would love it. And the fact that they support local family farms that are small is wonderful.
    I hope that many farmers take advantage of this program. They can learn so much from it by the sounds of it.

  3. I’m very happy that there exists an organization like Green City Market. I guess we needed it. The farmers needed somebody to encourage them to be green in what they do. I would definitely visit the website of the Green City Market organization. I want to find out more about it.

    1. I sustain Tutamo. I’m too very happy that Green City Market exists. We definitely needed it. I’m very happy that now I’m able to buy green and organic vegetables. The Green City Market encourages farmers and also us, people, to go green.

  4. I hadn’t known about the existence of the green city market before reading your post. Reading it made me search. I admit I was impressed. I love to cook and from the green city market website I learned some great recipes. My kids love them and I am happy because they are eating healthy food too, not only delicious.

  5. I’ve learned many important things from the green city market website. Moreover I found out that green city market organizes many events. For example, today the green city market organizes an outdoor market. In fact, an outdoor market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Isn’t that great?

  6. I’ve too visited the green city market website. I didn’t know about it. I think it is great what they do there. Green city market is an important organization and I really support them. They have in mind great things.

  7. I too support the green city market organization. I’m actually thinking to volunteer. I would love to help them out. Assisting chefs at cooking would be an honor to me.
    Green city market organization brings only good things.

  8. I too will be visiting the website soon. I am curious to learn more about it. We do need more organizations like this that is for sure. It is too bad that more people were not interested in helping out our Earth more.

  9. This organization sounds very neat. I think that if more people knew about it it would be more successful. I agree with Wesly that more people need to get involved. Then it could really take off.

  10. Wonder how green is this green city market. The products sold here surely grew with chemicals. Like the ones you find in hypermarkets.

    Anyway, what is the website of this green city market? I am curious to find out more about it.

  11. The green city market helps farmers from Chicago nearby and not only. The citizens are happier too. I guess they can find in the green city market healthier products than in stores. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. As I am going to Chicago next winter.

  12. I’ve learned so many things from the Green City Market organization. Firstly I read about it from your article. After reading it I entered their website. Then I started to participate at all the events they organized. I joined Green City Market in field trips. There I learned seeding, thinning seedlings, harvesting, composting, weeding and so on. IT WAS GREAT!!!!

  13. I like what this Green City Market organization does. It teaches people how to go green. It shows why it is important to go green and to use green products. I read on their website that kids from local schools visit the Market on field trips and have an opportunity to taste farm-fresh products straight from Green City Market vendors. Isn’t that a thing that deserves to be appreciated?

  14. This Green City Market organization deserves to be praised. I read on their website all the things they are doing. I cannot stop saying great things about them. They are organizing outdoor markets. There you can find dozens of varieties of green product. You can savor food, locally grown and produced by Green City Market farmers.

  15. I would like to join Green City Market for a field trip. I read on the Green City Market website that field trips include a hands-on gardening activity. I’m really interested in this. I’m very curious. I guess that would be great.

  16. Saturday, on 12th November, Green city market organizes Chefs Culinary Garage and Bakesale at Naha. Chefs from across Chicago will be donating their culinary treasures. All of Chicago’s best pastry chefs will be there and they will be creating a bake sale of their favorite baked goods. I will be there. Hope many people will be there.

  17. I participated at an indoor market organized by the Green City Market last Wednesday. It was very nice. It was also very well organized. I bought a lot of fresh vegetables and I also learned so many useful tips. What the green city market does is a great thing and I really have to congratulate this organization.

  18. The Green City Market helps Chicago to go green! It encourages farmers to go green. The Green City Market also encourages buyers to go green. They do not buy vegetables from supermarket anymore. Now they have an organic alternative.

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