LED Technology

Let’s open this up with a fact that can demonstrate just how important it is to consider the use of LED technology where possible and how this can help you to go green: if every household across the US were to replace just two of their current incandescent lightbulbs with LED technology, more power would be saved than the output of the largest nuclear power plant every day. That’s an incredible amount of energy and it shows you just how easy it is to use this method to go green. Here’s another one: LED bulbs can last for 30,000 hours – that’s around10 times as long as a regular lightbulbs. So in other words LED technology isn’t just crucial if you want to go green – it’s also a very smart investment and can save you money.

Most importantly though governments are starting to step up and take notice of these statistics. If you don’t stop using incandescent bulbs by choice, soon you won’t have to option – as of 2012 US residents won’t even be able to buy them meaning they’ll have to choose between LED and CFL.


What is LED Technology?


LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’ and you may remember these from your technology classes in school. Whenever you made a circuit board or a crude circuit using alligator clips, you will likely have included these tiny bulbs in order to demonstrate that your circuit was on if nothing else – and they have been used for a similar purpose in a range of commercial products as a power indicator. They work simply by heating up a semi conductor to the point where it generates light – unlike an incandescent bulb that uses a vacuum also to create light.

They have been used this way for years and virtually never wore out. However they were nevertheless limited by how bright they could become which was inferior to the brightness of other bulbs. However advances in LED technology have put an end to this, and today the bulbs last just as long but with all of the brightness of regular lightbulbs. LED bulbs are even more energy efficient that the compact fluorescent bulbs that are also considered energy efficient.




There are though some drawbacks when it comes to LED bulbs though. They are more expensive for instance than CFL bulbs, and will only go as high as sixty watts – still slightly dimmer. At the same time though they are also longer lasting and even more energy efficient than CFL which means they’re better for going green and better for saving your wallet.

As each have their strengths and weaknesses, the best way to use CFL and LED is by combining the two for different kinds of lighting around the home. Doing so will save you a lot of energy and will drastically reduce your carbon footprint… and soon you won’t have a choice anyway.


  1. I am all for led lights, in fact i am in the middle of building two very large led light systems to replace my high intensity metal halide and t5 bulbs on my aquariums. However the idea that the government is going to force the public to stop using standard bulbs next year is obviously ludicrous and not true. They might instantiate a number of different incentives programs to get consumers to use led lights or manufacturers to make them but they’re not just going to instantly and without warning force everyone to buy new light fixtures.

  2. LED technology is indeed the best. I didn’t know that fact. If every household were to replace just 2 of their lightbulbs with LED technology there would be saved that much power. That is indeed an incredible amount.

    LED technology is truly a method for going green.

  3. LED technology is probably the best invention so far. LED bulbs are saving energy so they are good for the environment. LED lightbulbs are lasting much more. As I read in your article, they last 10 times more than a regular bulb. And they are a simple way to go green.

  4. I have heard that pretty soon we will not be able to buy CFL anymore. This to me is great news. I think that the LED bulbs are so much better. That is all my family uses.

  5. I am a fan of LED lights. I do not care that they are more expensive. I would rather pay a few bucks and have them be better for the environment. Plus they really do last longer. So I may pay more but end up with a longer lasting product.

  6. I have never bought LED lights before. I am very set on the CFLs. But if they are not going to be around that much longer I may have to settle for LED lights. I guess time will tell.

  7. I always voted for going green! LED technology clearly is the future. So we will have to switch. It will help us save a lot of money. Although I am tired of these incandescent bulbs, I still haven’t got rid of all of them. Next time I will replace a bulb, I will buy LED bulbs.

  8. Those drawbacks are not that important. They cannot make me step back from LED technology. LED bulbs make me happy. At first, I got some headaches, but got used to LED bulbs. Now I am happy that I save some money too.

  9. If you try going green, start with LED technology. This is a great way of going green. It is also easy. All you have to do is to buy energy saving light bulbs. Easy huh?

  10. LED technology is great for going green. It is indeed the future. I can’t wait the moment when regular bulbs will be removed from the market. Then all the people will start going green. They will have no other choice.

  11. How much energy will be reduced if every people replace their regular bulbs with LED technology…I simply don’t understand why people haven’t done this yet. I started going green with energy saving light bulbs. Since then I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’m trying to use only green products and I could say I’ve saved a lot of resources this way.

  12. LED technology is great from many points of view. Firstly it is great for someone who wants to start going green. Secondly you save a lot of resources: energy, money etc. And thirdly the LED bulbs last long and the light is better for your eyes. You don’t get tired so quickly. So, think about these, start going green and buy these bulbs.

  13. I cannot believe how much energy would be saved if we used led bulbs. If led technology was invented why don’t we use it? Is it so hard to buy those led bulbs? I simply don’t understand. Us, people, we are so careless.

  14. I don’t know many things about led technology. I simply know that this led technology is better because it uses less energy. I have 13 years old and I know better than other people how important is to use energy saving light bulbs. I hope people will understand the importance of it too. And, with time, they will start to use more the led bulbs…

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