Green Jobs

Green Jobs

For most of us going green means changing our lifestyles so that we use less energy around the home and look for ways to use recyclable materials and renewable energy sources. In a way though this could be considered a very passive way of going green in that we are simply limiting the amount of energy we use rather than making any kind of dent in global warming.

Taking on a green job on the other hand means taking an active role in improving the environment. Not just creating less waste yourself, but helping to change the very commercial infrastructure we live in so that everyone can.

Here are few suggestions for green jobs you can take on to do more for our planet…

Politician: Politics control the way our communities spend money (among other things) which of course has a direct impact on the environment. If you work for a green political party then you will be able to encourage funding for green projects, while at the same time opposing the destruction of natural areas.

Environmental Lawyer: Lawyers may have a bad reputation, but when you’re standing for a good cause this can be a very rewarding job.

Emergency Environmental Response: If you work for an emergency environmental response service then your job will be to clean up spills and other environmental accidents. This way you can clean up hazmats before they cause permanent damage or contamination.

Researcher: If you really want to influence the way we use energy in the future, then working as a researcher or research assistant will enable you to pioneer a brave, clean future. Whether your research is into renewable energy sources or conservation and bioengineering there are many promising developments here for the scientifically minded.

Conservation: Working as a conservation worker your job will be to maintain and sustain wildlife in a local area – whether that’s marine life conservation or working in a national park.

Charity Worker: Working for a charity is essentially very similar to working for a business, and provides all the normal positions from admin to management to HR. Whichever position you take here you’ll be working for a great cause, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be volunteer work.

These are just a few examples of green jobs you can take, but of course there are many more. And even if you don’t choose a green job as such, you can work in any business that has a good green policy – or better yet, encourage that green policy.

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