Green Charities – Can You Trust Them?

Green Charities - Can You Trust Them?

                Supporting a charity is a great way to give something back to the world and to enjoy a sense of doing something worthwhile. When there are so many important issues out there, it can seem very wasteful to spend every cent of your salary on plasma screens and holidays. As you’re on this site it’s probably safe to say that you have at least a passing interest in ‘going green’ and you’re probably as passionate as we are about saving the planet. But is donating money to a charitable organization the best way to go about doing that? Could your money be put to better use elsewhere? And where will your money be going if you do decide to give? Read on and we’ll look at the idea in more detail. Types of Green Charities First of all, it’s important of course to think about the type of green charity you want to support, and of course different organizations are going to operate very differently. First and foremost you should visit the website […]

Green Jobs

Green Jobs

For most of us going green means changing our lifestyles so that we use less energy around the home and look for ways to use recyclable materials and renewable energy sources. In a way though this could be considered a very passive way of going green in that we are simply limiting the amount of energy we use rather than making any kind of dent in global warming. Taking on a green job on the other hand means taking an active role in improving the environment. Not just creating less waste yourself, but helping to change the very commercial infrastructure we live in so that everyone can. Here are few suggestions for green jobs you can take on to do more for our planet… Politician: Politics control the way our communities spend money (among other things) which of course has a direct impact on the environment. If you work for a green political party then you will be able to encourage funding for green projects, while at the same time opposing the destruction of natural areas. Environmental Lawyer: Lawyers may […]

Go Green Scams

Green Scams

Going green is no doubt the right thing to do in the current political climate and if you want to help ensure there’s a planet still here for your children and their children, or just save some money and free yourself from a reliance on energy companies, then it can offer the solutions you’re looking for. However, while this is the case, going green is also so trendy right now and so popular that it’s a great marketing opportunity for businesses that want to make their products stand out against the competition. As such this is an area that companies are able to take advantage of, and there are many examples of businesses doing just that – using the ‘green’’ label to sell their products for extortionate prices and to trick people into buying things that they simply don’t need. Here we will look at some examples of how the ‘go green’ name has been perverted and how to protect yourself from such scams. Investments The renewable energy industry is unfortunately one that makes a logical target for scam artists. […]

Green Energy Venture

Defined, a ‘venture’ is an ‘exciting or dangerous’ undertaking. In business this term is most commonly heard as ‘venture capital’ which is a term used to describe an investment in a risky young start up business. If you have a dream for a business that you want to run for instance but you don’t have the funding to go for it, then you will need to find venture capital in order to fund your project (normally from someone who will call themselves a ‘venture capitalist’). Venture capitalism then is investing in which the investor is interested in taking risks on new ideas and business strategies. Of course there is a chance here of things going wrong and leading to a loss of money for the investor, but at the same time if things go right it could bring about a paradigm shift in that industry and potential pay back in high yields. Green energy is an area that lends itself particularly well to venture capitalism – it’s an area of high risk that potentially could lead to huge changes in […]

Green Tax

The idea of taxes is of course largely to help funnel money back into the council and the state. This is the aspect most of us are familiar with, however what tax also does that many of us aren’t so aware of is to help direct behavior by creating financial incentives and deterrents surrounding certain choices. Such is the case with ‘green tax’, also known as ‘eco tax’ which refers to tax that’s used to try and encourage the general public to go green. Here we will look at some examples of eco tax, and whether or not they’re a good thing for the planet. Examples of Eco Tax One examples of green tax is on petrol. Here the tax is increased on petrol in many countries with one of the reasons given being that it will of course lead to people being more efficient with their fuel. Likewise other eco taxes might include taxes on certain electronic equipment, taxes on hazardous waste and taxes on imported goods. Travel in general could also be taxed in order to discourage unnecessary fuel consumption. […]