Reasons Your Company Should Go Green

As you might imagine, a website called ‘Enjoy Going Green’ is always going to advocate finding greener ways to do things – using green technology and generally being more efficient. However these articles don’t just address the individuals and the family men and women – but also big businesses that have the ability to have even greater impacts on the environment around them. Organizations range in size, but even the smallest companies manage multiple people and produce things on a larger scale than your average household – so the responsibility of going green rests on their shoulders too. But going green is not just something you should do for the environment – it’s also something you should do for you and that’s because the process of going green will not only help you to meet your moral obligation to the planet, but will also actually be very good for business. Green business is good business, and when a company goes green everyone wins. Efficiency First of all, going green mean becoming more energy efficient and generally using less energy and […]

Green Changes You Can Make to Your Organization Now

Green Business Changes

             Eco conscious business is the business of the future. Not only do companies have a moral obligation to do their best for the planet, but at the same time, making sure they are concerned with going green is one of the best ways to boost efficient and public relations. So once you’ve made the decision to go green, how do you get started? Here we will look at a few simple changes you can make to your website right now that will get you started going green.   Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs: It’s an easy way to help your business go green and by putting energy saving light bulbs in you can both bring down energy costs and help your company going green.   Reduce Travel Costs: Travel costs often mount up for big businesses and these involve deliveries, commutes, business meetings and more. There are several ways you can reduce travel costs as a company and these include choosing energy efficient vehicles for your company cars, using buses and other vehicles that […]

Green Heating and Air for Offices

All offices need air conditioning and heating for many reasons. First of all they need it in order to be able to provide for their staff and to make them feel comfortable at work which is an important from a moral perspective. At the same time though it is also important for the productivity and if an office doesn’t have the right heating and air conditioning then staff will find it difficult to work in those conditions and might result in less output and a lower quality in general of work. Finally though, the precise air conditioning and heating that the company chooses is very important from the perspective of going green – and by selecting these systems carefully a company can shrink its carbon footprint thereby reducing overheads as well as improving their PR. When choosing air conditioning or heating solutions the first thing to consider is whether you want to use ducts or whether you want to create an ‘oasis’. Ducts are the obvious answer in the case of the majority of companies. This means that you will […]

Chemical Storage Tanks and Other Containment Tanks

Every company needs to think about going green and even a small office based company will use energy and materials meaning it could be more efficient. However some companies have a bigger responsibility to the environment and going green than others, and this is particularly true of companies that work with hazardous materials (hazmat) which can release byproducts and noxious gasses, and which can cause serious destruction if spilled. Hazardous materials include everything from oil to chemicals, and for these companies going green is a number one priority. Just look at the oil spill that British Gas had to contend with – and the financial and public relations issues that ensued for the company. To avoid these things it is crucial for companies to concentrate on going green and this means using the best containment and piping to store the products and prevent leaks or spills. This is where chemical storage tanks come in and other containment tanks that are needed to keep these materials safe. Choosing good containment tanks is crucial for going green and something that requires careful […]

Green Purchases for the Office

If you run an office then there are many things that you need to consider, and every last detail can make a big difference to how your staff work, to your end product and to the feeling of your business. One such consideration for businesses is going green, and this is something that can help the company to save money by being more careful with resources, to become more independent from energy companies and other utilities, and to improve PR by demonstrating that the company has a conscience. One way to go green as a business is to choose carefully your supplies, materials and appliances and to pick the ones for the office that will have the most ‘green’ impact. Everything from your choice of air conditioning to your choice of lighting will affect the carbon footprint of the company. Here we will look at how to go green through your purchases as a business.   Energy Saving Lightbulbs: When you think the words ‘go green’, energy saving lightbulbs are often the first products that spring to mind. We all […]