Green Business Changes

Green Changes You Can Make to Your Organization Now


Eco conscious business is the business of the future. Not only do companies have a moral obligation to do their best for the planet, but at the same time, making sure they are concerned with going green is one of the best ways to boost efficient and public relations. So once you’ve made the decision to go green, how do you get started? Here we will look at a few simple changes you can make to your website right now that will get you started going green.


Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs: It’s an easy way to help your business go green and by putting energy saving light bulbs in you can both bring down energy costs and help your company going green.


Reduce Travel Costs: Travel costs often mount up for big businesses and these involve deliveries, commutes, business meetings and more. There are several ways you can reduce travel costs as a company and these include choosing energy efficient vehicles for your company cars, using buses and other vehicles that can transport multiple members of staff for things like trade shows, using video conferencing hardware so that you can have video meetings with companies that are hundreds of miles away without needing to transport yourself there and giving your staff training in such things as economical driving.


Pick and Choose: Picking and choosing your allies is important in business at the best of times, but when you’re really fixed on going green it’s also a very crucial way to help expand your cause. When you use the services or product of another company you are supporting them and helping them to thrive – so choose to work with other businesses that are interested in going green and this will help you to spread that influence (while companies that aren’t going green will have to go green fast to keep up).


Window Tinting: Window tinting has important security benefits and can also prevent glare on computer screens thus preventing migraines and improving concentration and productivity. However what it can also do is to help you prevent too much heat coming into your property by reflecting some of the sun’s rays. This then in turn means that your office stays cooler and that means that you can save on your air conditioning usage.


Inform Staff: Inform your staff about going green and make sure that they are all on side. The little decisions they make during the day such as saving paper and turning their computers off when they go home can make a big difference so use pamphlets, courses, instructional training videos and more to make sure you are all going green together.

Adopt a Paperless Office: Trees are critical for the environment and they convert damaging carbon dioxide fumes into useful oxygen. The more of these the better then, so try not to waste paper and whenever possible use e-mail rather than post and choose to get electronic bank statements etc.


Recycle and Use Remediation: Recycling your materials is important both on an individual and on a corporate level. It is particularly crucial for corporations though as they use more materials. Likewise make sure that any other waste is properly disposed of and this particularly means electronic waste such as computers and printers that can otherwise be bad for the environment.

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