Chemical Storage Tanks and Other Containment Tanks

Every company needs to think about going green and even a small office based company will use energy and materials meaning it could be more efficient. However some companies have a bigger responsibility to the environment and going green than others, and this is particularly true of companies that work with hazardous materials (hazmat) which can release byproducts and noxious gasses, and which can cause serious destruction if spilled.

Hazardous materials include everything from oil to chemicals, and for these companies going green is a number one priority. Just look at the oil spill that British Gas had to contend with – and the financial and public relations issues that ensued for the company.

To avoid these things it is crucial for companies to concentrate on going green and this means using the best containment and piping to store the products and prevent leaks or spills. This is where chemical storage tanks come in and other containment tanks that are needed to keep these materials safe.

Choosing good containment tanks is crucial for going green and something that requires careful thought and consideration to be successful. You might think that tanks can’t really vary, but in fact there is a lot of engineering that goes into a secure storage tank.

First of all the material that storage tanks are made from needs to be carefully considered and this is important to make sure that the chemical inside the tank does not react with the walls of the tank. Likewise it is important to ensure that the tank itself does not alter the chemical composition of the material being stored nor contaminate it. An acidic chemical for instance might not work well in a plastic storage tank then for instance as this could be dissolved. This is called compatibility.

Likewise you need to consider whether the tank is a conductor or insulator. It might be necessary for the material to be stored hot for instance, in which case a metal storage tank could be dangerous. Meanwhile you might choose the storage tank in order to contain heat and prevent the material reaching low temperatures that might cause it to freeze. All of these considerations are crucial for companies keen on going green when choosing storage tanks. Some tanks meanwhile need to be designed to withstand extreme temperatures or pressures.

Another consideration for storage tanks when going green is ‘expansion joints’. These are joints that are used to ‘isolate’ the stress force which might otherwise damage the tank. This allows the tanks to flex without breaking so that an impact or sudden pressure can be absorbed and won’t result in a leak. Similarly ‘overflow control’ is also an important consideration designed to act as a backup should the liquids spill over. This prevents damage to the area and to the tank and prevents spills which are exactly what you don’t want when going green.

Choosing the tanks carefully is highly important then for an eco-conscious business. But likewise it is highly important to make sure to have regular checks and to clean and replace these tanks when necessary.

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