How the Amazon Kindle is Eco Friendly

The Amazon Kindle is a gadget that is forward thinking in many ways and that was one of the first to offer a contract-free internet connection as well as one of the first popular e-readers that attempted to do for e-books what the iPod did for MP3s.

But it’s also very forward thinking in terms of going green, and for people who are interested in going green, the ways in which it manages to save energy and resources are very impressive. In fact it teaches us some lessons about eco friendly hardware that other companies can learn from. So here they are…


The first feature that qualifies the Kindle as an eco product is its screen – and this is what primarily makes the Kindle great for going green. The good thing about the Kindle screen is that it works using droplets of ink arranged around the screen. In other words there’s no energy used to power the light of the pixels and this means that the screen uses up no energy at all once it’s loaded. This is great for going green but also great for battery life, your wallet and the device itself (you won’t wear the battery down as quickly). This is also the reason that the Kindle is so nice on your eyes and that means you can avoid eyestrain or headaches from the glare – even in the sun.

As you can imagine this technology is one that is highly interesting for other technology companies hoping to go green, and so Amazon and they are looking to develop it further. There are though currently some limitations – the slow refresh rate which means videos are out of the question and the fact that it’s only available in black and white.


Keen to carry on with their good work in going green, the Kindle comes packaged in a highly efficient and economical manner. There is no excess packaging, all of it is recyclable and there is minimal documentation.

Of course this lack of paper is something that the Kindle looks to take much further than just limited instructions – the device itself has the aim of replacing books which would drastically reduce the amount of paper needed resulting in more trees. While many people lament the possible end of traditional books and publishing then, from a going green perspective this is actually a very positive prospect.


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