Going Green is Good for the Economy

As a planet we are currently going through all kinds of crises – the energy crisis, the economic crisis and the global warming among others. We know that the energy crisis and global warming are linked – that we can improve the environment by using up less energy – but it may surprise you to learn that the economic crisis is also linked in some ways to global warming, and that by going green a city, country or state can improve their economic situation, providing more jobs and allowing for more public spending.

In other words green politics are good politics – and they are good for more than just humanitarian concerns about the environment. This has been demonstrated in California in particular where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was keen to push going green in the state and found that more jobs were created as a result, and it has been more than proven in many other countries and states too such as Vienna.

So how does this work? Well partially it’s a result of the the fact that green technology requires people to develop and design it. If you have lots of companies then that are working on new technology, then that will create a lot of jobs for those helping make the products. Going green is the new gold rush, and green products have been shown to sell highly well and be very popular. Companies that use the green energy meanwhile will have lower costs and more profits and will grow and expand as a result.

Meanwhile going green means ending your dependency on fossil fuels. That in turn means that money is going to the local companies, rather than the cost of importing fossil fuels from over seas. Meanwhile more money might come in from overseas as investors will be likely to support those companies that have green interests as it is a business strategy that is built to last.

Most importantly though, by investing in green technology a company can invest in its own future – in the long run lowering costs associated with natural disasters, lack of resources, pollution and health services which will only increase if we don’t go green now. Going green means building your economy to last and making it as sustainable as the sustainable farming techniques being employed today. In other words then, encourage your local government to go green and to invest in new green developments and be sure to vote for the candidates and parties with the green policies. It won’t just ease your conscious – it might benefit your wallet too.


  1. Going green is indeed good for your pocket. You can save a lot of money by going green. You invest a little more money, but eventually you will end by saving a lot more than your investment.
    For example, you buy an energy saving light bulb. It costs a little more than a regular bulb, but when the electrical bill comes you’ll see a major difference.
    So, going green is good not only for the planet but for the economy too.

  2. I think it is great that government officials are trying to make things more green. I commend Arnie for trying to create more jobs that are green. Way to go there! Other states need to take control and do the same as you have done!

  3. Green politics are good I agree. But in my experience many people have promised things and then not followed through. I think that many politicians are just wanting the votes. So therefor they promise away so they win.

  4. Indeed going green is good for the economy. I like your thinking very much. Every state of the world should follow this “business model”. Only by doing that, the economic crisis will fade away, through time. It’s one great idea.

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