Top Green Businesses

Knowing which companies you can trust to be efficient and careful with their materials can help you with your own plight to go green as it will allow you to choose the best companies to provide services and products. By buying from organizations that are going green, you can help encourage more businesses to do the same and can reduce your own carbon footprint.

At the same time though, by looking at these examples of eco-warrior companies, you can also use them as blueprints for how to go green and how to make a business successful while having a conscience. Here we will look at some of the top examples of eco friendly companies and how they have gone about going green.


The Green Depot: The Green Depot is a company that is based around going green and that provides sustainable building solutions. Here, everything that the company sells must first go through a filter to ensure that it scores highly on natural conservation and energy efficiency (as well as durability, performance, life cycle and more).


Starbucks: Starbucks might not be the ideal example of business in every respect, but they do make an effort when it comes to going green by protecting the ecosystems where the beans are grown and developing sustainable harvesting techniques.


Nike: If Nike had advice for people going green it would probably be ‘Just Do It!’. They apply the same mantra to their business and have a line of clothing made from 100% organic cotton while meanwhile aiming to blend at least 5% of that organic cotton into their other lines. Meanwhile their ‘reuse a shoe’ programme can help you go green by letting you recycle your shoes rather than have new ones made from scratch.


Walmart: Walmart wins big points for going green by not only ensuring that their stores are stocked with green living products, but also by working alongside other retailers and suppliers in order to create a worldwide ‘sustainability index’ that aims to increase transparency and thereby help customers to make informed decisions on their purchases.


Amazon: The Kindle is a device that promises to save many trees by doing away with huge collections of books. Whether you agree with the impact this will have on reading socially or not is another mater, but you can’t argue with the ramifications for going green. At the same time, through it’s ‘e-ink’ technology it has developed a screen that requires no power at all to run, and the icing on the cake is the minimalist and recycled packaging that the Kindle comes in when you purchase one. Even the instructions are loaded onto the device to sell paper. A master class in developing green consumer technology.


Waitrose: A UK supermarket that sells locally sourced produce and that runs farms powered by wind energy and solar panels. At the same time Waitrose is also going green by using packaging made from recycled materials.


Scott Tissue: Scott Tissue is a toilet paper and tissue company. They have developed a more eco-conscious product line that gets its materials from recycled consumer materials rather than virgin forests – and they’re still just as soft.


HSBC: One of the world’s largest banks announced it would go carbon neutral and has further helped the going green cause by buying renewable electricity and offsetting emissions in other ways. It also launched a $100m partnership with various organizations on climate change and aims to go green in its investments as well.


  1. Wow, I have to congratulate the owners of these top green businesses. They have made a great job. I’m glad there are people who are interested in going green. These people have all my respect for creating companies which are based on producing only green products. Congratulations and keep on!

  2. I hope there are people who encourage these companies. There aren’t many, as you can see. These few companies which are interested in going green must be supported. People must start buying only green products. Only this way these top green businesses will survive.

  3. Hmm, I didn’t know about Nike’s program. ‘Reuse a shoe’ is a great idea in my opinion. I guess this company is interested in going green. Otherwise they wouldn’t have thought to start this program. I really have to congratulate them. I’m interested in going green so I will try to participate and to rescue a shoe. 😀

  4. The kindle device is smoothing amazing. I’m very pleased with this invention. It is for sure a top green business. I hope many of us will start using this device instead of books. This way we will save trees and eventually our planet.

  5. Uuu…I would love a kindle. This device is great. And it doesn’t cost much either. And it is great for those who want to start going green. It saves so many resources, starting with paper (trees) and energy. I’m strongly thinking to buy one, even if I’m not really a big fan of going green.

  6. I simply admire all these top green businesses. The owners of these companies deserve a prize. I’m very happy knowing that there are people who own companies and think about going green too. It is very important and I hope all companies’ owners to get these ones as examples and transform their companies in green companies too.

  7. I agree with CB. There clearly are problems that need to be addressed. There isn’t a magic wand you can wave to fix eveything right away, but doing nothing isn’t a solution.

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