Chemical Storage Tanks and Other Containment Tanks

Every company needs to think about going green and even a small office based company will use energy and materials meaning it could be more efficient. However some companies have a bigger responsibility to the environment and going green than others, and this is particularly true of companies that work with hazardous materials (hazmat) which can release byproducts and noxious gasses, and which can cause serious destruction if spilled. Hazardous materials include everything from oil to chemicals, and for these companies going green is a number one priority. Just look at the oil spill that British Gas had to contend with – and the financial and public relations issues that ensued for the company. To avoid these things it is crucial for companies to concentrate on going green and this means using the best containment and piping to store the products and prevent leaks or spills. This is where chemical storage tanks come in and other containment tanks that are needed to keep these materials safe. Choosing good containment tanks is crucial for going green and something that requires careful […]

Green Purchases for the Office

If you run an office then there are many things that you need to consider, and every last detail can make a big difference to how your staff work, to your end product and to the feeling of your business. One such consideration for businesses is going green, and this is something that can help the company to save money by being more careful with resources, to become more independent from energy companies and other utilities, and to improve PR by demonstrating that the company has a conscience. One way to go green as a business is to choose carefully your supplies, materials and appliances and to pick the ones for the office that will have the most ‘green’ impact. Everything from your choice of air conditioning to your choice of lighting will affect the carbon footprint of the company. Here we will look at how to go green through your purchases as a business.   Energy Saving Lightbulbs: When you think the words ‘go green’, energy saving lightbulbs are often the first products that spring to mind. We all […]

Top Green Businesses

Knowing which companies you can trust to be efficient and careful with their materials can help you with your own plight to go green as it will allow you to choose the best companies to provide services and products. By buying from organizations that are going green, you can help encourage more businesses to do the same and can reduce your own carbon footprint. At the same time though, by looking at these examples of eco-warrior companies, you can also use them as blueprints for how to go green and how to make a business successful while having a conscience. Here we will look at some of the top examples of eco friendly companies and how they have gone about going green.   The Green Depot: The Green Depot is a company that is based around going green and that provides sustainable building solutions. Here, everything that the company sells must first go through a filter to ensure that it scores highly on natural conservation and energy efficiency (as well as durability, performance, life cycle and more).   Starbucks: Starbucks […]