Going Green is Good for the Economy

As a planet we are currently going through all kinds of crises – the energy crisis, the economic crisis and the global warming among others. We know that the energy crisis and global warming are linked – that we can improve the environment by using up less energy – but it may surprise you to learn that the economic crisis is also linked in some ways to global warming, and that by going green a city, country or state can improve their economic situation, providing more jobs and allowing for more public spending. In other words green politics are good politics – and they are good for more than just humanitarian concerns about the environment. This has been demonstrated in California in particular where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was keen to push going green in the state and found that more jobs were created as a result, and it has been more than proven in many other countries and states too such as Vienna. So how does this work? Well partially it’s a result of the the fact that green technology […]

Al Gore’s Global Warming

Al Gore is a former Vice President of the United States who has since become a well known environmental activist who is particularly famous for his views on Global Warming and his 2006 documentary film An Inconvenient Truth. The film followed Al Gore’s attempt to educate the American public about Global Warming through the use of a comprehensive slide show. The film, especially for a documentary, was a critical and box-office success and won 2 Academy Awards. It is the 6th highest grossing documentary film in the US. Al Gore’s global warming views as communicated in the documentary of course take the view that global warming is a real and possibly catastrophic threat of human origin. Throughout the film he presents evidence of this thesis such as the Keeling curve showing CO2 measurements from the Mauna Loa Observatory, the retreat of the glaciers in before and after photography, temperature records dating back to 1880, and a survey of 928 scientific articles and studies on climate change. This data is generally understood to be accurate, and 19 climate scientists when questioned […]

Is Global Warming Real?

Global warming is a popular buzz-word among politicians and the media and an issue that we are constantly being reminded of. However if you have read up on the subject further in your own time, then you might have also heard other murmurs – that global warming is in fact not a man-made event at all, and that it is rather just a natural cycle that the planet is going through and that it has occurred before. In fact some researchers claim that the effects of the cycle are not entirely negative and that it is in some ways a positive effect. So what are we to believe? The belief among some researchers is that the cycle occurs regularly (though estimates as to the length of the cycle vary between 1,500 and 40,000) and has done so for the last million years. Allegedly while this will lead to various negative effects, it is still nonetheless preferable to the cold phases of cycle which have historically killed around twice as many people as the hotter periods. Previous examples of these ‘cold’ […]

How You Can Save the Planet By Voting

How You Can Save the Planet By Voting

We are all told to vote, and this is something that we are regularly lectured about by politicians and by our friends and family. Regularly we are informed that if we don’t vote then we can’t complain if we don’t like the way things turn out (which seems fair enough) and often we are told that not voting can allow for potentially dangerous extremist parties to get into power. While these are all important considerations, what you perhaps weren’t aware of is the fact that voting is also a very important part of truly going green and of helping to save the planet. The reason for this is that all good political parties should have some kind of view on the environment and what we should be doing to protect it. Every political party and candidate really needs to have an policy on going green, and this will have a huge impact on the environment if they get into power. As people who are interested in going green it is our responsibility to listen to these plans and then to […]